Story of a Girl
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2015-10-01 19:44:58 (UTC)

Time to get spoopy



I think I had a pretty a-okay day. I just woke up from a nap & I'm going to have sooo much difficulty sleeping tonight at 10, but I'm really happy so I think my nap was worth it.

I woke up this morning without any decent clean clothes because my dad didn't wash the night before so I was pretty annoyed with him. I blindly picked out pants and went in to the bathroom to shower. When I was dressing, I didn't like the pants I had picked out soooo I went back to my room and BRIANA was already awake, curling her hair for picture day. She gave me a weird look in the mirror because I had my towel wrapped around my waist, and she watched as I came in and left. And then I became more annoyed with my dad because he has at least four different alarms that ALL go off and he sleeps through all of them. He didn't wake up until a few minutes before it was time for me to brush my teeth. Then, while he made his coffee (and it was already too late to make it, but he did it anyway) he told me to go unlock the car. He gave me his keys and on the way out, I ACCIDENTALLY slammed the gate. I left the gate so that it would close on its own but the wind slammed it closed instead. It wasn't entirely my fault, right? So I went over to the car and I get even more annoyed because I can't open the car doors. I'm seriously not that stupid--I can open car doors. But the key to the car felt like the more I pushed it into the keyhole, the more "stuck" it got, and when I turned it, it wouldn't open the doors. When my dad arrived, he opened the doors flawlessly. Maybe I just didn't push in the key all the way? The key should fit in smoothly and it shouldn't be hard to push in. When I put the key in, it felt as if I was putting in the wrong side and trying to force the wrong side in. I guess I just didn't push in the key all the way. In the car, my dad was like, "Stop slamming the gate door." I told him it was an accident and he said, "I know you. You slammed the gate and it wasn't an accident. And stop getting mad at me whenever you're late." UM. But it WAS an accident? The only door slamming I do is at my mom's house. And the reason I'm late is BECAUSE of him! He's the one who can never wake up on time, and he's the one that's always having to prepare his coffee 10 minutes before the bell rings... it takes those 10 minutes to DRIVE to school. If he actually bothered to wake up on time, I wouldn't be so upset every morning. I have a strict morning routine that I've been sticking to since freshman year that guarantees I get to school four minutes before the first bell rings and my dad is always causing me to be late. I stick to my routine but his sleeping or coffee making is the reason why I run late. The times he's woken up early are the times I get to school on time, like my routine guarantees. But whatever. I put in my earbuds and started listening to music.

For the first time in a while, I was completely by myself at the table. It felt GREAT. Yesterday we were learning about completing squares and writing the answer in vertex form, but today we were just completing squares and then squaring our answer... something like that. For the first time in basically forever, I FINALLY understand the topic! It's super easy. I listen to music on low volume while my teacher instructs, and it's actually helped me understand the lessons better. I thought it would be more of a distraction than an aid, but nope! For the past two weeks, I've been listening to the music. I can hear my teacher, but I don't always "comprehend" what he says. I follow along with his examples while listening to my music and somehow, everything starts to make sense. It's weird. I think I'm doing really okay with this class right now. OH YEAH. I thought this was really funny; a few seconds before class started, some teacher said this on the speaker thing: "This is my last call for help. And if I don't get any help, well... I'll make you help me. I need people that have first and second period prep. We're short on subs Short on subs for 1st & 2nd period & need people on prep. If I don't get any help, I'll call in those that have prep. Thank you." SHE WAS SO PISSED, AHA.

Second period was ight. So, Asian Guy was sitting at my desk and I had no idea where to sit... Yaline saved me a spot right next to her and the girl who sat at the desk was absent, so I guess that worked out. We had a substitute today and our teacher had us bring in our textbooks because we'll be having a secratic seminar tomorrow and he wanted us to work on the questions in class. Yaline had forgotten her book, so she asked if we could share and I said sure... so, Armando asked if HE could join us and I said no problem. Then ALAN asked if he could join too, and then Catherine joined us... the teacher said we weren't allowed to share because there were books in the back so HALF THE CLAS got up and raced to use the inclass textbooks (only had like 6). Yaline still didn't have one, so we moved our desks together. The first question had dealt with Parliament, the British, and them giving away land to the Indians. I honestly had no idea how to answer but Yaline helped me with it. I basically wrote down whatever she had written. Everything after question 1 was easier for me to understand. We actually finished early. The two Guys sitting behind us started talking to Yalin, and I just kinda chirped in. Asian Guy asked if she had started working because several places were hiring for the seasons and Yaline said not yet, then I chirped in and said, "I wish I could start working. I'm not old enough." Yaline asked how old I was and I said 16, but most jobs won't hire until you're at LEAST 16 and a half. Asian Guy mentioned working at Hot Topic, Guy said he hated retail and I was like, "I would HATE working at retail. Like, the people will pick up clothes and not fold in back, or put it in the right place." Then, that was my first time having a small conversation with Asian Guy. HE'S SO COOL. I've been wanting to talk to AG but I've never really had the chance.

Guy and Yaline walked with me to third period. We were talking about being tall enough to push everyone through the hallways--they're always fucking crowded. Guy sat next to me since Nikea wasn't there, and then Asian Guy walked in and said, "Woah, you have this class too?"


AG: Since when? I never noticed!

Me: UM, since the first day of school.

AG: That's crazy! Well, hey!

Fun fact: His name isn't Guy. His first name is Angel (or Aego?) and his middle name is Guy. For whatever reason, our history teacher just calls him Guy. But SEE, my best friend Guy is actually Guy. Guy Alexander (I think that's his middle name; that, or Enrique. I don't remember) But it's cool that they're both GUYS. Ahahaha. Anyway, we had a really nice substitute who gave us a worksheet and let us do our thing. Mexican Guy was on my right and Asian Guy sitting next to him. The three of us weren't doing much talking, but I started laughing like crazy when MG said to AG, "Bro, you got dumbo ears. Flap flap."



I need to add that to my list of reasons why I love Guy.

I don't think anyone actually did the work, but... I did question number two and I feel like I did it incorrectly. I probably did. I was mainly going off of the only example on the worksheet. Fourth period, America & Maria were FINALLY there to help practice! We timed ourselves and we had 24 seconds to spare--good enough for five minutes, right? All we really need to do is memorize our lines and bring in props. Tomorrow during 3rd, Antonio is going to ask if he can get the last five minutes of class to himself so that I can help him apply the makeup for his character. Dude... this is going to be amazing. I just need to contain my laughter for the performance!

Fifth period was okay. A supervisor came in to help us set up our Google Classroom emails and stuff. Then, after we were done with the setup, we went to the library to check out a new book for class. While I was in line, the asshole asian kid at my group asked if I was white. LIKE, that came out of nowhere. He just turned around and asked, "Are you white?" I smiled and said, "Nope, I'm Mexican." Then he looked at the kid who sits next to me and said, "I thought he was white. It's really hard to tell." So I laughed then said, "Nah, I'm just REALLY pale." If I were any different, I'd probably be kind of offended. I get where he's coming from, though. It's cool. So we went back to the classroom and we just kinda sat there... the asian kid knows my name. I feel kind of honoured. Like, I've always assumed that he never bothered to remember my name. After I came back to the classroom, the teacher gave us the rest of the period to ourselves and I was rewriting my algebra notes when he called me out. "Bianca, do you take pre-calc?" Him calling me by my name seriously took me by surprise and it made me kinda happy. Thanks for remembering my name, yo. He's actually a nice kid, but he seems kind of sexist sometimes, which is why I call him an asshole. Also, his bluntness. He stands by himself during lunch and I pass him at least once a day... I've been tempted to stand with him and get to know him, because I know what it's like to be alone during lunch, but I'm a bit scared that he'll react rudely and think I feel pity for him or something. He's also kind of awkward... and I'M awkward... and bad at making conversation. Maybe one day, once I stop being so shy. I'd like to get to know him better, though.

I was walking with Renett, Mari, and Guy to 6th period since we all walk the same way. Guy had a "Kanye for 2020" pin on his backpack.

Mari: Seriously?

Guy: ...YA.

Mari: Kanye cute though, no lie.

Me: KANYE not?

So then Guy looked at me, I looked at him, we looked at Renett, then the three of us looked at Mari... in that moment, we all looked at each other and went, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH." It was fucking epic. I'm still super proud of myself for saying the kayne not thing. One of Mari's friends came over and walked with her, so then it was just us three. Guy pulled out a bag of corn nuts and gave them to Renett. "Here babe, have these." So she was like, "thanks babe" and then she kissed his cheek but... Renett is all about nuts. Ahaha.

Bad joke is bad.

Guy is also switching out of band, too... Wow. When I left the band class, EVERYONE in band "forgot" me. Like, I don't even exist. They were all so fake to begin with. The one clarinet player that I talked to daily stopped saying hi to me in the hallways--AND SHE FUCKING SEES ME. Guy told me that they thought I was a traitor. I'm sorry my mom didn't want me being involved???? Besides, they didn't exactly treat me very nice. I really wouldn't want to go back. But, good luck to the band when 95% of the band is graduating this year and having a difficult time recruiting new marching students...

6th period was meh. I didn't do much today, and there was a new female student. FINALLY. There are a little over 10 students in that class, with now 4 females (5, including me but I'm just a student aid). Actually, I think there are at least 16 students in total. That's still a small class, though.

So yeah, school was okay. I'm really hoping I can befriend Angel, though. He's chill. I also want to be friends with two people named Guy. That's cool.

I came home and changed into my joggers. I was getting ready to eat tuna but my dad asked me to accompany him to pick up the girls from school. On the way there, I was texting Elías. He had an afternoon class but didn't want to get out of bed. BASICALLY, this is what he sent me:

Elías: It's super hard to wake up in the morning when you don't have legs.

The next Jaden Smith, confirmed.

Even though he has a fully functioning body (ie, legs). And it was 2:30PM in the afternoon. And he slept the entire morning. BUT OKAY.

I came home and I had to do dishes, but I actually fell asleep and whoop, here I am. I have to finish the physics worksheet which I don't want to do... but, it's really the only homework I have. Ooooh, I also have to work on memorizing my lines for the performance tomorrow, since my group has already volunteered to go first. I have the main role, which means the most talking, which means m part is pretty fucking important to this and if we want to be funny, we have to memorize our lines. OH, I also have to organize my clean clothes and do dishes. It's not much, but I'm still a little groggy from my nap. Sigh.

I think I might've written about Jazzy getting accepted into CSN? She applied to UCLA too, which she also got accepted into. She was originally going to study Criminal Justice at CSN because it's in the state, but she moved to LA to attend UCLA instead and now she's deciding on coming back to CSN. Honestly, it's her choice... but it'd be nice to have her back here. But, UCLA is a good school and I think the transition from this city to LA will be good for her, since she's constantly complaining about missing Cali. It's her choice. I just wish she could be decisive about these kind of things, aha.

This week has been really long and I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. I just want to sleeeeeep in all day.