always wth love

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2015-10-01 10:12:50 (UTC)

Rememberin him hurts more than Id realized

In mourning at 20year
Today I woke up remembering him its passed 10am by 20 mins and that was everything from our first kiss to our the last moment.
I wouldve stopped going college and be wth him and have start my my life wth him.Now that i am 21, i cant stop thinking where i am now???
I still remember his birthday and his touch on my body, its all gone now... I cant not pretend that he had me in his hands really he has done that to me. So am now in mixed wth emotions cause its been 2 years now, Ive fought this off but right I cant fight anymore....
bye you guys

"Your feelings are still raw and close to the surface today, but you're probably calmer than you were yesterday. It's no problem to take things in stride now, even if you're emotionally dazed and confused. However, you might receive information that conflicts with what you thought to be correct"

Songs on repeated...
Think Twice -Miley Cyrus, NF Wait