Brooke the goat

can you not
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2015-10-01 00:28:33 (UTC)

are you my first love?

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Me and Luke are getting closer and at the same time far away. We always talked for message but never in person. He lives surrounded by friends and i prefer not to meddle, his friends are like "look is brooke," "Romeo go there, go there in your Juliet." He is embarrassed by it, sometimes i think he's ashamed of me or something. He says he is very shy when it comes to girls, but i see him talking to girls normally. why he doesn't speak with me?

In the messages he practically flirts with me, but personally he does not quite say "hi" to me. I mean, when i'm with friends, when i'm alone until he talks, but only sometimes.

Everything are very strange lately. Once when i saw it i hid in fear that he or his friends could see me, now i can't stop looking at him, i can't help my smile when i see him, i can't help that my heart speed up every time i see it. What the fuck is happening to me?
Look at the cell every 5 minutes waiting for a message from him already become a mania.

I was talking to him over a girl when he asked "is one that uses strawberry lipstick?" and then i started to laugh and ask who he had kissed

And he said "anyone. I just said because the lipstick was red and strawberry is also, so ... and i'm saving myself for a person and you know who i'm talking about." I knew and at the same time didn't know. it's me, but i don't think so. He can not talk to me personally, but rather with other girls and i asked why and he said that "it's hard to explain."

He's so shy and cool. Am i in love? Oh shit

Good Night

- Brooke

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