always wth love

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2015-09-30 08:42:10 (UTC)

two days disappered: saw the moon

dear dairy, sorry I haven't been able to post on here, in these pasted two days....
Bad anxiety has took over my mind its been hard to focus sometimes. I'm having horrible headaches again and panic attacks. every morning i feel horrible I cause either not enough sleep or just I'm scared whats going happen next in each hour until dawn appears again.
Right now I want cry but sadly cant do none of that crap this time.I'm on probation like id said once before.
This Friday cant come fast enough, I need be around people and forget where I stand. I know isn't right time to think of something else but right now! I need it.
Everyday am texting her, somehow she makes feel alive when i sick to my stomach, am ready to tell her i cant wait
gotta go see you lter