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me and my life
2015-09-27 07:21:59 (UTC)


Yeah just to update nithg is hapng much still many things haf happened over the month.
Job is finr simtimes pisses me off somtimes i am like tension free i donno how is it gonna go but i wanna go with the flow.
That bastard had called me his mom too had supa hyper drama dat he miss me n bla bla fucking bla bla...
Den after dis all drama he saw thgs are not affectg me he came on his aukad, he sent me abusive sms n again my middle finger for him. Fuckoff u bloddy ass.
I am happy wit how i am now. All is very settled dan how messy it was yesterdayin terms of job, fucking realtion, sis life i am lil bit hassshhh.... phewww thx ganpati bappa.

Niw i am at sis place wit mom. We havg some fun te without dad n trust me it feels so nice gawwdd.
Waitg for sal i wanna save for trip. N i will go. My goal for next yr is to buy 2nd hand car lets see how thgs work. I need to think of some alternate work to earn really. Wat else nothg else.
Cyaaa will b back with updates n m glad m no more cribing. Hehe muhaaa cyaaa