Story of a Girl
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2015-09-24 19:36:08 (UTC)

Ghetto Novela

I wanna start with my Spanish class first because holy hell, I'm friggin' pumped!

So in my spanish class today, I walked in to see that we were going to be watching something because the projector screen was pulled down and the projector was placed in the middle of the room on its cart. Once everyone was seated, our teacher took attendance then he put on a quick video, which Antonio said was from Saturday Night Live. The Californians. So, we'd occasionally laugh whenever the dudes would look at the camera dramatically and at the end of the video, our teacher pulled up the screen to announce our new group project--we'd be acting out our very own novela. In groups of four, we'd be making a 5 minute novela. We could bring in props if we wanted to, but we had to print out our scripts so our teacher could grade us. We'd have to be standing in front of the class for 5 minutes or else our teacher would remove 10% for every minute we're not up. Oh, and we'd have to perform in Spanish or else it wouldn't count... which makes sense, considering that it's Spanish Lit. So, of course, Antonio looked at all of us with his "you already know" look. America, Niza, Antonio, and myself. We spent the entire period laughing at our stupid, ghetto script.


At first we couldn't decide on the genre, but we settled on a comedy, like La Familia Peluche. We ALL agreed on doing a ghetto ass performance. I would be Guadalupe, the super religious Catholic mother. Niza would be playing Maria, my religious daughter who is a goody two-shoes. America is Rosy, my ghetto chola sister. Antonio is playing Rosy's daughter, Pipi Chulo, who is even more of a chola than Rosy. And as a last minute thing, we added Antonio's friend Maria to our group, who is playing Pipi Chulo's best friend, Dulce. I tried to think of the stereotypical stripper name and Dulce was the best I could come up with--Angelita was a close second. SO, basically, our storyline is this: Maria is a good girl but she's been slipping lately, which worries Guadalupe. Guadalupe calls her sister Rosy for advice and the two end up comparing their daughters. At the end of the phone call, Rosy realizes that her daughter isn't the good kid she dreamt of having and that the two of them need Jesus in their lives so Rosy drags her daughter to church & Rosy thinks of becoming as religious as Guadalupe.

This is seriously going to be HILARIOUS. Every time I think of our play, I laugh. It sounds so boring when I describe it like this, but it's going to be hilarious, that's a promise. We already know that a bunch of people are going to be recording us on snapchat, but we're gonna see if the teacher will actually record us so that WE can see how our performance was. It's gonna be great.

Antonio is bringing in some make up so he can do his chola eyebrows & he's going to draw a black teardrop under his eye. America and Maria are going to bring in some sparkles that they can put on the side of their eyes & America is bringing in some dark-coloured lipstick so that the chola girls can all have huge Kylie Jenner lips with the eyeliner. Antonio is also bringing in balloons to put in his shirt. Niza is bringing in a super long skirt, which I'll be wearing because I need to look like a nun... or at least, give off the impression that I'm the weird, religious mom. OH. I'm bringing in one of my dad's cross necklaces because during one of the scenes, I'm going to pray for my daughter & sister and say, "Que dios las bendiga." I might even bring a pocket bible, but I'm not sure where I can buy one. I'm also bringing in some chanclas because I'm the stereotypical mexican mom who uses anything for a whooping.

Right now, we don't have much of a script but we've already planned out our plot so I guess that's a start. Right now, our novela starts with me looking at Maria, who is being punished for having snuck out and has to clean the floors with a toothbrush. Then, I ask her if she's done and she replies with, "Que no vieja, ya me enfadé." So I tell her to work on her homework, and she comes in with her homework and rips it apart. I get angry and, like stereotypical mothers, I take my chancla off and threaten to hit her with it, so Maria storms out of the room and I sigh. I "talk" to the audience by telling myself that I should call Rosy for advice, so I take out my phone. In the corner--or the "next room"--Rosy is washing dishes (aka wiping our teacher's whiteboard) while Pipi Chulo and Dulce are ghetto chola dancing to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena. (We're going to do this really cool thing where I'm going to call Antonio's actual phone, because he's going to have this ghetto ass chola ringtone and this is definitely going to get us some laughs) So Rosy turns the volume down a bit and we talk over the phone.

That's all we have right now.

BUT, we're going to continue working on the script tomorrow--I'm in charge of writing the script on my phone and tomorrow, Antonio is bringing his laptop so he can work on typing our scripts over the weekend so come Monday, we can start rehearsing to have our lines memorized by next Friday. But, I'm having a lot of difficulty writing the script because during the phone call, I'm not sure what we should have Guadalupe and Rosy discuss? Like, we're going to compare the two girls but I'm not sure WHAT EXACTLY to have them say. We have to fit this all in 5 minutes and I want the dialogue to be simple enough for us to memorize. I'm having a serious writer's block and I need to get this done so Antonio can print our scripts out. Plus, I need to make sure that the others are okay with what I write so we can do all the editing tomorrow during class.


So moving onto school day, as usual.

I have an algebra unit test tomorrow, so the majority of the class period was spent working on a study guide but the first few questions were like "what the fuck is this?" My teacher never bothers to go over things with us. On the last test, 21 students had Fs and he didn't care that OVER HALF the class had failed! Um, if the majority of the class fails the exact same test... that's a huge fucking red sign that says, "Hey, maybe you should take a day or two to help the class because it's obvious that the students don't understand." But, y'know, that didn't happen. I wasn't the only one freaking out about this study guide because a lot of people didn't do it during class. This unit is a lot easier than what we covered the previous test, but still... I have major studying to do. But, knowing me, I know I won't do much studying. I, SURPRISINGLY, have a C in that class. For now. This next time is going to bring me down a lot if I don't study & pass it.

Second period was kinda weird. Our teacher had several groups of desks arranged in certain numbers and he was assigning everyone to a desk. In groups, he was going to hand us a paper that we were taking notes on, except WE were presenting the notes to our classmates. I was paired with 3 guys and some other girl who was in my english class last year. While we worked on the notes, our teacher went around the classroom, handing back our DBQ essays... Holy hell. Everyone was upset with their grades. Or, not even upset--they were just kinda like "meh" but they did complain about their grades in whispers. The pretty boy from Monday who didn't do his essay was in my group, and he got a 0. HA. I didn't even think that was possible--even more so because he actually did turn in an essay on Tuesday and hes still failed. The athletic guy sitting across from me in the group got a 4, which I guess is okay. The meh guy who isn't involved in anything got a 1... wow. The girl sitting next to me got a 1, too. And me? A FUCKING FIVE.


Are all DBQs graded from 1 to 7? I don't really pay attention as to how they're graded--as long as it's a good score, I'll be content. I think 5 is a good score, seeing as how the rest of my classmates got 1s and 2s... and 0s. Ouch. I got one point for my thesis, one point for analysis of historical evidence & support of argument (I used 5 documents, but I only got one point because I didn't include the historical context, purpose, etc. If I had UNDERSTOOD the documents, I would've added that information), one point for adding outside evidence (my paper is 90% outside info, aha), one point for context, and one point for synthesis.


I honestly bullshitted my way through that essay because I was in such a rush to get it done in time. But yeah, I'm content with my five. It's not a 7, but compared to the grades in my class, 5 is good. And this was just PRACTICE. I hope I can at least get a 6 on the actual test, if I'm lucky. Oh, my teacher also gave us homework that's due Monday, but we could turn it in tomorrow if we want to. I might do it, I don't know. I'll try. (I probably won't)

Third period was spent talking about how submarines can't use a GPS or anything, so they rely on adding vectors to find their location... or something like that. OH. Nikea had open period 7th, but because her teacher wanted her in AP Government, the counselors switched her out of several classes and they fucked up her schedule... She has physics until 2nd semester where she'll have open 3rd period, and as of today, she has B lunch now so I have one less person to walk with during lunch. Wow. She doesn't know anyone second lunch, so that sucks for her, too. At least I have Guy third period, right? It won't be the same without Nikea, though.

Fourth period... Yeah. I'm fucking pumped to work on the novela. Spanish was fun.

Fifth period, we had our unit 1 test and HELL, I WAS NOWHERE NEAR PREPARED. The first question was hard because that was stuff from like the first week of school. The middle part of the test was easy, except for when the question wanted us to match the AUTHOR with the STORY... NAH. Nah. Done. I guessed on a few, but they were educated guesses. Then, a few of the questions were like, "What disability did the author have?" "Where did the author graduate from?" "What was their first novel?" "What was the name of the food that the author was eating while writing the story?" DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW THAT? I read the story. I took one glance at their credentials and that's it, but I don't fucking memorize every little detail about the authors. We read a different story every night... I don't have time to memorize all their names or what their favorite meal is. Nah. Our teacher was really pissed off on Tuesday and she was gone yesterday. Rumour has it, she took a day off because she couldn't handle high school kids. I don't really blame her though, since she's used to teaching college students and she can actually kick them out of the classroom if she wanted to. But, it's not really our fault that she was mad? Like, she was rushing all of us to turn our papers in. The essay came out of nowhere--especially for those who didn't have a thesis yet until the night before it was due. Also, we're the class RIGHT after lunch. We're going to walk in energized and happy. We're sorry for being energized? OH. And, the quiet asian kid actually knows my NAME. I'm honoured. Seriously. He never talks to me so the fact that he actually bothers to REMEMBER my name makes me feel warm. Thanks, dude. You're actually a huge, awkward asshole but thanks.

Sixth period was ight. I made 80 copies of a packet, and my teacher was gonna have me make 110 copies of another page but the bell was close to ringing, so I'm making those copies tomorrow instead. It was a good day at school, I guess.

I came home to eat some ice cream, watch more Desperate Housewives, and then eat salad. I've been in bed ever since. I'm supposed to be brooming the kitchen but I'll get to it eventually, the next time I get up to pee. I think I just jinxed myself because now I feel like I need to pee. Fuck me. I'll start brooming once I'm done typing this. Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

We have picture day on the 30th, and I have money to go shopping for a new outfit but my dad doesn't have time to take me shopping. He's working tomorrow afternoon, all of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. He's not sure if he's working Tuesday, but I hope he gets the day off. He's actually working 6 days a week now which I say is good because having extra money doesn't hurt, but he's trying to spend more time with us and he doesn't like that I'm having to spend my days at home by myself. At least he cares more than my mom, heh. I really don't mind if I'm home alone or not. He needs the money and I like having the house to myself. It would be SO much better if I had the house to myself AND Elías here, but I guess I can't have everything.

It's so hot in this house.

Progressive House is absolutely amazing. But so is Ghetto Funk. I've been listening to One by Metallica and huuuuuuuurr. I'm currently listening to this one song that has this 1930s type of vibe. Definitely digging the 30s vibe.

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