always wth love

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2015-09-24 08:47:04 (UTC)

He back in my life once again: Come When I Call

Dear dairy, he came back yesterday on Autumn...
gosh he look amazing with his smile and beautiful eyes. So id update where i am wthout him here now? we spoke about me a lot but i have him back on my mind again. He makes me feel more alive then anyone its crazy to say but the damn truth! i was happy all day and all night....He gave back the motivation to finish where id started once before.
So i kept thinkin' about her once more than maybe some guy would pull me close to him, an tell me all things he told me about...
Who really knows who they what they really want...I want relationship either girl or guy and later have a child of mine own, I been wanting this for about good 2 years now.
I know am only twenty-one but I'm feel ready for it, thinking of my future within good intention.
I still have my days that are unbearable but am human, am like everyone on this world, right??
So speaking young woman wants start the next chapter on her life.
A love song that tell where I should already been, now
Tinashe- Come When I Call