always wth love

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2015-09-23 08:59:00 (UTC)

life doesnt stop moving

Ready or Not
Dear dairy, id woke up three mins before 4am, still having rough time but its whatever. before my mom id left for work she lectures me and brother about our neighbor accident that just happened last night. well my brother is going be doing something stupid when he hits 20's.

Anyway id finally watched my show that was finally DVR this time, i was so happy and sad about it cause next week season finally booo!

Early or late morning on Monday this week the guy i have been chatting with oveer 3 years said something deep like dfuckin personal, and honestly i know why he felt way cause we had both opened up to each other, thats regardless are huge age gap.We both know it mostly a big wonderland how we for one another.

Ready or Not am going to tell her nomatter how her affection effects
and if she doesnt like well be hurt really bad but who really knows, right???

Bus ride whats with hittin on me thing its second time in two weeks....
this old dude asking personal shit like if am married and do i have kids that type thing.....
i was so fuckin grossed out, he was like 50 something