always wth love

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2015-09-22 08:57:25 (UTC)

Right Here alone fighting this

dear dairy,
yesterday id woke wth my alarm goes off on time, yes its unbelievable.
I was so fuckin' honry a bit until id got to the campus... dont know how that could happen so fuckin quickly. So yesterday gotten my paper back got an "A" yes I've done friend fuckin proud. I wish he was here to show him.
This morning id woke on time wthout the alarm this time, i barely made myself get out of damn bed this time. Gone bed 9:25p, I know i shouldnt complaining but am not myself this time. I have a lot on my mind lately i cant think of ways to straight up okay where i am now.
Just trying not think of negative but my depression ways are fallin back in somehow, yesterday was so fuckin amazing id invited my close girls to hang out i should be happy, right? i really am, but last night fucked me over big time....
Should i believe people that who had lost hope in me, I guess shouldnt be but lately am not ready to listen to them, i dont have anyone in by my side to help me now?? am fighting this on my own I gotta do it, so i can graduating to my college.
Last friday was something unheard of to face as the hours pasted, lately I'm think I'm gonna let my heart tell me what is right for me... me and her.
speaking a lot emotional today, i hoping not just the weather....