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2015-09-20 06:14:32 (UTC)

Cathing up

It is just over a month before the court case where we settle all the finances and we finally split up and live separately. I am still a long way away from preparing for the case as I am representing myself. The hard work starts now as I need to gather all the information I need , collate them and present them in a constructive manner. I hope to use my solicitor as a consultant so that I gt enough legal advice on what to do in court.
Our nanny leaves in about a week’s time so it would be a very stressful time. I have to remain cool an relaxed and just tink of the children. If I should consider all her antics (of which I would not bother listing now) I would not get involved in the school run and taking care of the kids during my working hours as I don’t earn any money if I am not working.
I am looking forward to going back to studying for my course (Msc in mathematics). I am going to repeat the first (of the 2 year part time course). I hope to have time to study Financial Mathematics in much detail.
I also plan to get a new job by end of February (or January) as that time I would have moved out and be completely divorced so would need to earn more money for my rent, maintenance and child maintenance. At the moment I earn rubbish but the only advantage is that my divorce terms would be based on my current earnings.
I should put my head down study and put myself in the right path where I should be. I can’t short change myself. I have been given certain abilities I need to harness them to propel me to the right place in life.
I will keep on plugging away at my business ventures and hopefully something will eventually happen.
The relationships I have now are okay. Nothing serious but I worry about m long term interest. I seem to go off people quite quickly. May be I subconsciously place myself in a position not to get too involved in anyone right now (I don’t know).