always wth love

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2015-09-15 09:52:23 (UTC)

suprises when its raining

dear dairy,
The whole family woke up late this morning like quarter to five in the morning. it was so hard my body was so exhausted from yesterday it was pathic.
brought wrong jacket and its fuckin' pourin outside again...
so when id left my house it was no rain in sight but later on like mins or so rain!!!
texting my mom long-story fuckn' short
she gonna send me a plane ticket visit so i can go see her
*finger crossed* wont get my hopes to high
oh a text from Jen shes a late raiser but who is anymore with this fuckin weather...haha!
omg i fuckin got hit on the way to the college
like fuckin' take the bus....
guy: where are you going?
me: college
guy:how old are u....24...
leaving the bus
i think he was looking at my ass! on the bus
but i didnt want be rude... later he gave me a hug to say, bye!
see you guys tomrrow