Story of a Girl
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2015-09-14 21:45:18 (UTC)

Schedule change!

I dunno, today was actually pretty great, kinda. Algebra was meh. We had a substitute in that class, and he didn't have much of a clue on how to get the class to shut up. He handed back our tests from Friday, and... I'm already failing the class. But it's okay because 20 other students are failing with me! Woo! I'm finally in the majority for once. I normally wouldn't be so positive about failing a class if it weren't for the fact that I'm not the only one with an F. I scored a 58.9% on my quiz--which is, by far, the highest of all the Fs in the class. So, yeah, I MAY have failed, but at least I got the highest failed score. HA. There were two As, one B, three Cs, one D, and twenty one Fs. Get this--the person who's always ditching class or just doesn't bother to show up is one of the two people who got an A. What the hell? Yet here I am, probably the only person in that class who actually bothers to take notes and do the homework, got an F. I'm just really bad at math. I'm also very distracted in the morning for whatever reason, so I'm never pay much attention to the lesson. So, the substitute gave us another quiz (only 8 questions) which was based on all the assignments our teacher had given us so far. We had to find all 8 assignments in order to complete the quiz, since the quiz was made up of one question from each assignment. 75% of the class was like, "WHO HAS ASSIGNMENT 4 AND 5?" "Bruh. The fuck am I supposed to answer these?" "We ain't never got assignment #6." We actually did, but we had to write it down on paper ourselves. OH. The bell wasn't working, either. Some kid downloaded a fake bell & played it five different times--the sub believed it was the actual bell & dismissed us TEN minutes before the actual bell rang. Being the goody two-shoes student that I am, I waited outside the portable for the actual bell to ring.

Second period was meh. On Friday, we were working on this venn diagram about the Chesapeake region vs the New England colonies, and today, we finished putting down all the terms in the right places. OH, and Guy was placed in my class! I FINALLY have a friend in there. Unfortunately, we still have assigned seats until our teacher memorizes all our names & the only available seat was in the opposite corner of the classroom, so we won't be working with/sitting near each other for a long time. He also got switched over to my physics class (he got placed in the wrong class) so walking with him was fun. Turns out, there's more than one GUY (ahahahahakill meahahahahahhaha) in our physics class. There's this one asian dude (I have him for multiple classes) but I never learned his name. So, today, the teacher was looking at his schedule & the guy was like, "Yeah, my real name is Guy." So Guy (my friend) was still waiting for the teacher to give him some papers and he was like, "NO WAY. REALLY?" and the asian guy was like, "yeah, why?" and then Guy was like, "MY NAME IS ALSO GUY." So they had a guy moment & the teacher looked at them both and he had this "I need a drink" face. Oh, we also had two new desks placed in the classroom, so the asian guy sat at one end of the room while Guy sat at one of the new desks next to me. It was a lot easier for the teacher not to confuse them both. I got called up to the counselor's office immediately after the whole guy thing. After four weeks of waiting, I was finally getting my schedule change.


So I went in to the office & everything was going just dandy until everyone decided to come in & interrupt every two seconds. My plan was to switch out of band, PE, and possibly go into an AP Physics class because that's where I'm supposed to be, but now that I have friends in my physics class, that changed. I had Drawing 1, Forensics Science, and Psychology as my chosen electives for this schedule change, but NONE of those classes were available. Ultimately, I left the counselor's office with Student Aid 6th period & an open period for 7th. That was honestly enough to get me through the day. I was happy. Four weeks of waiting and I finally had my schedule change.

Fourth period was okay. We complained to the dean about our spanish teacher not teaching us--he's not our actual spanish teacher, but the district hasn't found anyone who's willing to teach spanish, so he's our long-term sub. And, today, it seemed like he finally got the memo because he made us do something else besides take notes. In a group of 4, he would give us a country to write the weather report on. In my group, we decided on which supplies we would all be bringing in & how we were going to design our poster. It was okay. Lunch was pretty okay too--still couldn't get over the fact that I had a schedule change. I was sooooo overly excited to the point where I had forgotten to eat. I told my friends about my open period & they were all very happy for me. Open periods are super rare for Juniors & Seniors--me having ONE open period is amazing, even more so because I'm not old enough to work yet & open periods are rarely granted to those who have an afterschool job. And since I'm on track with all my credits & my chosen electives were taken, my counselor decided to be nice & give me the open period.

Fifth period was meh. More reading and stuff. We have our first essay due next Monday, but our outline is due this Wednesday and I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be writing about, and our rough draft is due on Friday. So, yeah, fuck my grade. Now, SIXTH period was interesting. When I first arrived, I was surprised to see that this was a brand new History class with less than 10 students in there--I think there were like 7 students, myself included. As a student aid, my first order of business was to make 72 stapled copies... I have never used a printer/copy machine at my school. I stepped into Graphic Arts ONCE last year and someone had done the work for me. The teacher had sent someone else with me (who apparently knew what she was doing) but once we arrived, she admitted she didn't know what she was doing. All the machines were being occupied, so we had to wait. But once it was our turn, we asked another student for help--he was in our band's Color guard, and he was the one dude that had caused me to injure my leg during band camp. I literally only talked to him once and today was my second time. He helped us, but eventually the Graphics Art teacher came in to help me print the stapled copies. So, I waited for the 72 stapled copies, which took about 7-ish minutes. I went back to class, and the teacher sent me back out to fill up two jugs of water... from the girls' restroom sinks. Totally not weird. I came back, and he sent me out AGAIN to wash his coffee mug. So, I went back to the restroom to wash his mug. I came back, and it started to drizzle a little, and he taught me how to make his coffee.

His fucking coffee.

He had his coffee maker on top of a shelf, so he told me to grab a chair so I could look inside... Put the filter, pour the little coffee beans, pour in water, and wait. Simple enough, right? I guess so... except, I have no idea where to put the water in. He told me, "you see these two holes? Don't let the water go past the holes." I stood on a fucking chair to look at the coffee maker, but I wasn't tall enough to see WHERE he was pouring the water. This is the only time I'll admit this, but I'm kind of small. Short. Not very tall. I was standing on a chair for fuck's sake and I STILL couldn't see what he was referring to. If he asks me to make his coffee tomorrow, he'd be better off sending me to buy him a starbucks because I WILL FUCK SHIT UP. I hope that I'll figure out where to pour the water in. He also taught me how to heat his water but I honestly just zoned out. He mentioned something about both lights being green. Later on, it started to fucking pour outside. I was LITERALLY outside a minute before & it was drizzling, and the water was LEAKING through the ceiling. Wow. He gave us all plastic bags to put over our things so that they wouldn't get wet. The bell rang after & it was basically time for me to go home. Man, I love my new free period.

Though, I do have a teeeeeenie tiny concern.

There's this one kid in my band class who has been a bit friendly with me. He's a freshman, so for the sake of this, I'll just refer to him as freshman dude, FD. When I say friendly, I mean that he actually bothers to talk to me. Some time last week, I was walking down to the cafeteria with Antonio. Now, everyone was in the cafeteria or quad, so the hallway was empty. Before arriving at the quad, I saw FD walking my way. He had a really serious look on his face, but he waved at me. I waved back & continued talking to Antonio. During band, he asked if I had A lunch, I said yeahm, and he nodded his head & said, "Cool." and that was our small conversation. Later that day after school, campus was almost empty. I was walking past the bike racks when he walked over and started talking to me... NOW, I say this because in band, NO ONE makes any effort to talk to me outside of class, except for like 2 or 3 friends. Like, I talk to several people in band, yeah, but if we're not in class, they all act like we're strangers. They don't bother to look at me outside of class. So, I found it kind of surprising that he was actually bothering to talk me outside of band, y'know? People usually don't acknowledge me outside of band class but he did, so it was kinda nice. I spent a little time talking to him & he had a really big smile on his face when I greeted him; he had said something funny and I laughed. I asked him where he was going--he said he was going to wait for his sister--and then he asked if there were any band sectionals... I got the vibe that he was interested in doing marching band, so I suggested he go look for the section leader in the band room. Since the buses were almost gone, I told him I had to go and he said "Oh." in a really sad (???) voice. Well, it sounded sad to me. Kind of like when you have a crush on someone but then see your crush flirting/kissing/hugging someone else. It was THAT kind of "Oh." I don't really know how to describe it but that's the best (accurate) scenario I could think of. "Oh. Okay, see you tomorrow." and then we just went our seperate ways. Friday, the band was storming the halls & non-marchers were working on concert music. I was walking over to grab a chair when he looked at me & handed me his chair. I thanked him & went to grab a stand. Meanwhile, his friend sat in my seat and FD was like, "Wait, no, she's sitting--" I heard everything, but I decided to just grab another chair & let his friend have mine. I've always sat on his left while his friend sat on his right. Usually Guy or Miranda sit on my left, but neither of them were there. Since we had to share a stand, I asked him to scoot closer so that he could see the music and he DIDN'T HESITATE. Like, I was barely moving my backpack out of the way and FD just RAMMED into me. Okay, FD. He also comes to me whenever he has a question. He could go to anyone of his friends or our other section members, but he comes to me. Guy told me that he liked me but I'm calling bullshit. I honestly think he just wants to be my friend. I wanna be his friend, too. He looks super cool & he always has something funny for me to laugh at. Also, he's reviving the 80s rat tail haircut and he looks GOOD with it. Why wouldn't I want to be friends with a dude who's bringing back the 80s? FUCK YEAH, I WANNA BE HIS FRIEND.

But I have open period 7th now so I have no way of seeing him anymore, maybe besides lunch but I haven't seen him in my lunch since that one day in the quad, soooooo. I guess we can't really be friends if we can't see each other, right? I hope that he keeps the rat tail, though. He's fucking rocking it!

So that was my school day & I'm really happy with my schedule now. It's nearly 9:40PM & I was supposed to look up how to make coffee on youtube. I have a feeling that my teacher will ask me to make coffee & I won't have a single clue on where to pour the water.

AAAAAND, Trey's birthday is coming up and I've been listening to the playlist he made during Christmas. Why the fuck am I listening to a playlist that I know will only bring back sad memories? August & September are always such sad months for us. Elías is still trying to master the guitar part on the Lifehouse song, but I don't know WHEN we'll go visit. We're thinking about taking little Julz with us but I'm not sure if Cassidy will be okay with that. Or maybe we shouldn't tell her at all? I found the letters he wrote to Julz, and Julz is old enough to speak, but... will she even understand what the letters mean? I'm conflicted.

The feels on this playlist are hitting me strong. I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight without having any nightmares.