A lady in the crowd
2015-09-08 05:01:37 (UTC)

Bonding With my Second Family.

It's been a lovely labor day, that was spent with my Cross Country family. I invited two runners over to my house. They've recently grown a special place in my shallow heart: Marcela Davila and Amna Asiad. Together we each united our money in order to satisfy our cravings. We bought junk-food, snacks, sodas, cupcake mix, including my personal favorite; Hawaiian and pepperoni pizza. Then we all played important roles in baking homemade vanilla cupcakes. The process of oiling the pan, mixing the flour, and decorating our final touches took over an hour. Yet it was definitely worth the long wait. Cheers to a pleasant company who's friendship brings me laughter and a joyous smile on my face. I love my beautiful Cross Country runners!

While chattering away with my friends, I received tragic news. Chantel Ponce texted me claiming that on her way back from a trip to Las Vegas she had experienced a car accident. A car crashed behind Chantel's vehicle and a total of three cars were involved. She hit her head against the rear window, which caused her to lose a large amount of blood. Compared with the other bystanders, her injury was minor. The car behind them had a lead passenger with no teeth and a face covered in cuts of open flesh, along with six kids that crawled out of the car with blood drenched on their upper stomach.

I'm relieved that Chantel's family and her made it back home safely. This only shows that when adversity strikes, like the crackle of thunder, everything could change in the blink of an eye.

~Yours Truly,