A lady in the crowd
2015-09-05 03:20:48 (UTC)

Beauty Has No Bodytype.

All of my surroundings
Are smiling faces,
'A plastic society
Advertisements of
A Barbie doll figurine.

Everything about Elsa's
Everlasting beauty, a true work of art
Each flaw marks her unique individuality
Elsa's remains unconvinced, pointing out each imperfection
"Everything looks ugly up close."

Not thin, skinny, or fatigue
But naturally thick
Wide Mexican hips.
More like a wild nest
Of brown frizzy hair.

Untamed like her honest
Uncensored sailor mouth.
Uncrossed legs proud wide open legs.

Ripped jeans instead of a baby blue dress
She's a work of art
That I don't understand
But I still love so much.

~Yours Truly,