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2015-09-01 21:37:35 (UTC)

Good day today

I've been in a really good mood today! I woke up okay and school was okay too, but I was in a great mood after school.

In my algebra class, we're graphing parent functions or something like that. I haven't been paying too much attention on the graphing, but I have the easy parts down. In my US history class, I'd like to say that I'm doing okay. Last week, my teacher gave us an "AP" quiz, kind of like the AP test we'd take at the end of the year. He said that the version he gave us would be very similar to the actual test, and it would also be very difficult. The test he gave us wasn't anything official & it was only 18 multiple questions--I was barely starting on question 12 when we ran out of time, but we went over the entire pre-test & I had gotten 8 out of the 11 (12?) that I had done, but in my defense for those 3 missed questions, my teacher was assigning us textbooks & I was focused on getting ready to stand up if he called me over to his desk. For the pre-test, 2 was the average score for the beginning of the year & the test at the end of the year would be 24 questions, but 18 was be the average. Soooooo, if I did well on the pre-test, I'd like to say that I'll handle the actual test just fine. We talked about the Lost Colony today on the Roanoke Islands and I was like "FUUUCK YEAH WOOOOO ROANOKE AWE YEAH." I was fucking pumped. We only talked about it for 10 minutes, but still, I love mysteries like the Lost Colony.

Physics today was kinda okay. We were supposed to be testing, I didn't study, and the teacher moved the test for tomorrow because some people were coming in to film him teaching. Spanish was okay too. We were continuing the note taking from yesterday, so yeah. Lunch was also okay, and so was 5th period. I forgot that we were supposed to read at home so I was completely lost, but so was everyone at my table. In PE, the teacher said she was (or had, I didn't hear correctly) going to email the counselors so I could POSSIBLY get switched tomorrow which is really exciting to me. Once I'm at the counselors, I'm gonna be like, "Hey now that I'm here, change my band class too because my parents don't want me in there. And maybe change my entire schedule too." Or, at least make it so my classes aren't so far apart. I MIGHT get an open period too, since I'm already credit-efficient with all my electives & I'm on track with my required classes. If I DO happen to get my open period, it'll most likely be in the afternoon after 5th or 6th period, yesssss. Oh, and band was good too. We did standtunes yesterday but we had a sub today & did standtunes as well. Guy is doing saxophone this year for concert, so that's freaking awesome because he can just take my place when I switch out.

After school, I was walking over to my usual waiting area when I was pleasssssantly surprised to see my Leó the lion walking over with this goofy lil' smile that I love. He picked me up & told me he was dropping off a package for Jazzi that was "coincidentally" in the same neighborhood. We started kissing for a while since the area was cleared out but after like 5 or 10 minutes of kissing, we heard someone yell out "DAYUM, HE GON' GET SOME PUSSAAAAY TONIGHT." Of course we turned around & there were these two guys who were walking by & they gave us a thumbs up & walked away.


Also, the word "pussay" is gross. I hate hearing & using that word so much.

Elías told me he'd come over later & then he walked off to deliver his package... which was like 6 blocks away; he could've driven & parked over there. Did he just want an excuse to see me? Maybe.

My mom picked me up a little while after he left & she told us the plan for the day--she would buy us pizza and later on, she was taking me to the phone store to secretly buy me a new phone so that my dad wouldn't find out that her husband broke it. Sneaky... but honestly, that's something I would probably do. We stopped at the pizza place near the house & we bought our usual two large pepperoni pizzas, though I was secretly craving Hawaiian. We ate in the kitchen for a while & my mom took about an hour nap. While she was napping, Elías came over with a small bag of mini powdered donuts. Love. So, we talked about his university & holiday plans and sometime during our talk, I realized I had two missing calls from my dad. I called back & he asked if we wanted to go eat at the chinese buffet but I told him we had already eaten, but we could go tomorrow after school so he wouldn't have to cook. Elías yelled out "HEY MISTER" and my dad got a little giddy & invited him to come with us tomorrow. I honestly love how my dad loves El so much. He treats him like the son he's always wanted. After the call, my mom woke up. And since she absolutely loves him almost as much as my dad, she asked if he wanted to come along. In the car ride, she was explaining to him what had happened Sunday morning & of course, El agreed with everything she had discussed. We arrived at the store a while later & the guy explained that we'd have to buy a new phone, as my phone had physical damage that the insurance didn't cover... some shit like that. He also recommended that instead, I get my screen fixed at a store nearby. We drove across the street to the other phone store, where they were able to fix my screen for about $60-ish AND they did a quick job. I think it took less than an hour? My screen protector was coming off because little pieces of the screen would stick to the sticky part, so I became desperate & taped my screen protector on to my screen with clear tape. But, the guy at the store was able to restore/fix my screen to an almost-brand new condition a little over 6PM. It still has a few scratches, BUT WHO CARES? I got my screen fixed & now I don't have to lie about how my phone broke. My mom told me she was getting me a new phone, but because of what has happened this week, I'll have to wait until around next year. I guess I'll save up money to buy my own phone. Speaking of which, I asked if I could possibly start looking for a job & she laughed and said, "You're not old enough to work yet." BUT I WANT TO WORK. I want money to buy my stuff & help with other expenses like gas/water/electricity bills.

We came home, Elías left, and the neighbor came by to drop off some keys. My mom had just gotten out of the shower when he did, but she asked that I go over & ask him to deliver a message--my mom also wanted the keys to the pool, the honda, and the mailbox. Our neighbor was pretty chill & even gave me a fist bump. I guess today has been pretty okay. I'm really excited for tomorrow--I feel like it's going to be a good day! I even washed my blankets a few minutes ago & it's warm & smells like flowers, now that my mom bought fabric softener.

I'm in such a great mood. I just FEEL it in my body that tomorrow is going to be a good day. I also get to eat at the china buffet with El, my dad, and the rest of the girls. I'm happy.

OH. So, in my English class, my teacher is making us write in journals. Not exactly diaries, but journals that will either deal with the topic for class or just free writing. We were reading a story in class that dealt with free writing. Free writing would help us with our writing, just to get our thoughts out. I didn't really plan to write anything today, but today's lesson dealt with writing & I figured that having kept this digital journal was kinda cool & now I have a kind of good excuse for keeping this? I think it's kinda cool that a lesson I learned in school would relate to my home life. How rad.

It's a little past 9:30PM & I'm doing all my homework now, haha. My english teacher assigned my class to read a story from our book, which I'm doing right now. It's from page 23 to 30, and so far I'm somewhere on page 25. I ALSO have algebra homework to do, but I'm thinking of not doing it. Or, I'll do it during class while we do the warm up. I ALSOOOOOO have my physics test to study for (I said I'd study but I didn't, haven't) but I guess I'll just wing the test like always. Procrastination is my best friend.

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the site has been really slow. I thought it was my connection at first, but I'm at my mom's tonight & the internet at her house is almost at fast as Usain Bolt. Bad joke is bad.

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