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2015-09-01 18:54:11 (UTC)

Roller Coaster

Rio de Janeiro, Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Well i don't know where to start. This year i'm living on a roller coaster endless. One day i'm fine, the next i'm down and others i don't even know what i'm feeling. On days like these, i feel nothing, it's like i had dead while alive. I don't know if that makes sense to you. It's as if all my organs stopped working and i just act like a robotic zombie.
Anyway, the boyfriend of a boy that is studying with me broke up with him.

He made a poem about it, melody said to me. I read poetry and something like "I felt the cold steel, through my body, killing me slowly" made sense to me. I'm not good with poetry but admire about knows how to make one. It's an incredible talent. If you know rhyme and have a guitar, you'll have everything.

Melody is great with poetry. I've never seen anyone who writes as well as she. She showed me today poetry she did inspired by the heartbroken boy of my classroom. The poetry spoke about a girl trying to forget something, i don't remember what. She used drugs and alcohol to get out of reality. Like in poetry of the heartbroken boy, in her poetry the girl also died. I already had my heart broken, Then this kind of poetry makes sense to me.

I've never used drugs or alcohol, but i understand what it is to want to escape from reality.
Maybe i never have said it, but i have a broken heart. But well, i'll tell you this the other day. Today i to very sleepy and only got an hour of sleep. 4:20 pm and i have a homework to deliver tomorrow.

But anyway, i always say here that i can't fall love, i never fell in love or i don't believe in love. But all this is because i want to forget something that never happened. My first broken heart did not arise from a break up and not of unrequited love.

My first heartbreak came an impossible love. He is and will always be untouchable. It's as if he were the brightest and most beautiful star in the sky. As much as i try to reach it i'll never, never be able to touch it.

- Brooke