Story of a Girl
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2015-08-31 22:02:36 (UTC)

Not a nice surprise visit

I was actually kind of worried about today because my mom's husband would be coming to pick up his stuff. My mom left yesterday with Ivonne to go buy trash bags at Walmart, since she would be throwing all his belongings into those bags.

I was a little worried that he'd come home and possibly pick another fight. Now, I REALLY don't like my mom, but I kind of have to defend her. At the end of the day, I'll still be living with her, whether I like it or not. The thought of him coming home didn't bother me too much, though. During class, I'd occasionally ask myself if he had come home, or if I should add 911 on speed dial. During 4th period, I sent my mom a text message saying "hi ma". My main reason for sending that message was because I was bored in class & I was hoping one of my baby siblings would reply, but after a while, I became a little paranoid with a "what if he came home & took her phone?" or "what if I sent this message to his phone instead? FUCK." Today in band, we were playing marching music so that the new band students could get a feel of what marching band is like, and my teacher gave me a small smirk and asked, "I thought you were changing your schedule?" I told my director I was still waiting to get called up, and with that, we started with simple stand tunes. The whole band hour was enough to distract me from thinking about the kids or my mom, thank god. My mom came to pick me up a little past 2:30PM & the ride home was miserable; my mom's husband had somehow broken the automatic mirror on the passengers seat & the AC in the van wasn't working. Not to mention that it was around 97 degrees fahrenheit outside. Fuuuuuck that. When we made it home, I was surprised to see the Tio waiting I guess he was the one picking up the belongings. Oh. Me being the paranoid person that I am, I was secretly making small glances at his car, just to make sure Rocco wasn't hiding out in his tio's car or anything.

He came in & he briefly talked to me about school before my mom walked back in. While I was in the kitchen, I overheard my mom talking to him about the events from early yesterday morning. She eventually brought up the fact he had smashed my phone, the one my dad had given to me as a replacement. I had it for less than a week & the man had smashed it against the ground. I just HAD to have the best timing because I walked in saying, "yeah he cracked my screen & I can barely make out anything. Mom, can I get some soup?" So then his uncle asked to see my phone, so I pulled it out of my pocket and his face looked so unpleasant. He asked if he had gotten me a new one and I was like, "NOPE." and my mom was like, "she's struggling to explain the damage to her dad." YA, because I don't want to lie about how my screen cracked. I want my dad to know WHO broke my screen and HOW it was broken. My mom was telling me that being honest with my dad would only cause more problems between him & Rocco, but I honestly don't give a shit. I want him my dad to know the truth, especially since I had the phone for less than a week.

So, they talked & the tio eventually left with all the garbage bags full of the belongings. After a while, my mom came into my room to tell me that Ivonne was taking her to the hospital because she was having bad stomach pains. I was like, "okay hope things go well." Before leaving, she told me that Rocco shouldn't be stopping by, but if he came, I should call the police. He has an arrest order & shouldn't be coming home for anything at all. I'd lock myself in a room or bathroom, or anywhere, and call the police. I didn't think I would have to worry about him coming back, but I made it a mental note. About half an hour went by when I heard a knock at the door--I was in the bathroom & I was scared that it was Rocco knocking on the door. After a while, the knocking stopped & Briana told me that it was the neighbor who had something in his hand. A while later, someone came over again. I think it was the neighbor's wife, but again, I couldn't open the door if my parents weren't home. It was around 6:30PM-ish when I heard the door opening & I eventually heard a voice. It took me a while to realize that it was Rocco who had opened the door and I was having a small panic attack. LIKE, my mom specifically told me to call the police if he came but I didn't know where to hide because I was afraid he'd probably hit me & actually break my phone for real. Briana & the girls were seated in the living room, so I told them I was going over to the neighbor's house to call the cops. Lucky for me, my neighbor was leaving his housr when I yelled out "excuse me" and asked if I could step in his house to make the call. He told me that he had spoken to Rocco at work and he was only coming back to pick up his work clothes. He asked that I not call the cops & let him get his clothes, and only his work clothes. I thought it was kind of suspicious because the tio had already picked up the belongings, but I honestly didn't want to call the cops. Rocco came back out & asked what was wrong & I told him he had an arrest order & shouldn't be anywhere near the house. I can't remember our exact conversation but he told me I shouldn't have gotten involved and I was like, "You broke my fucking phone for trying to help my mom. I don't care if she's right or wrong because her being my mom means I defend her." This lead to a whole conversation about my mom being possessive, injustice, yada yada. He eventually said he wanted to see the kids, he had a right, and he was planning on picking up the kids at the end of the week, whether my mom liked it or not. I WAS going to say something about him abusing "disciplining" the kids but I didn't because the neighbor was there--we were speaking in spanish & our neighbor knows 0 spanish, but still, I was a bit paranoid. After that, he left & my neighbor told us he'd be here if we needed him. A few minutes later, Rocco came back and asked if we had Ivonne's number. I had it, but I lied & told him I was never given her phone number. He then grabbed my brother's phone and started looking through the contacts. Meanwhile, the neighbor had asked that I follow him to introduce me to his daughter, who was 17. He explained that she was living in California & now that she's living with him, she's looking to make new friends. She goes to my zoned school, though her dad was planning on sending her to the school I currently go to. He walked me over to her room and HOLY FUCK YES. Her bedroom is basically everything I've ever dreamed of. She has comic books & band posters up on the walls. She had a shelf with so many CDs & books, and her dad pointed out the hookah he had gotten her.



That's a fucking rad dad.

She had video games & movies and it was basically heaven and I was in awe. He told us that if we ever needed to get away & chill, we were welcome to visit. He said that the house was available to us & our siblings to play in. "These kids aren't even ours, they're just here to play!" Best dad of the year 2015, honestly.

After that, my mom came home around 7:40PM-ish. My mom later asked me to go with her to thank the neighbor & interpret some things. We had a small talk with our neighbor, and my mom had wanted him to know that Rocco had an arrest order & a restriction order as well, so that if they wanted to meet up, it would have to be somewhere else. Our neighbor mentioned that today at work, a cop car had passed by & her husband was freaking out, almost to the point of fainting, but my mom pointed out that if he were really scared, he wouldn't be having to come home for anything. Our neighbor said he would do his best to explain the seriousness of the situation, since he HAS an arrest & restriction order. My mom's serious about this divorce. After the talk, my mom & and I walked back home where she announced that the baby she was expecting would be a boy.


There's so many females in this house, honestly. My mom had Giovanna, Me, Briana, Lizzy, Alejandra, and Gorda. My dog is also female & a part of the family. The only boy in the family is Gordo and the unborn baby. We've been coming up with baby names ever since.

I want het husband out of the picture, honestly. So far, I've been worrying about whether he'll be showing up whenever he wants. My mom mentioned that the locks would be changed tomorrow, but it's not giving me peace. I want him arrested, I want him gone, I just want him OUT. And him coming back today was a horrible reality that's making me extremely anxious & I'm not sure how I'll be sleeping tonight.

Now, I have another concern: who will be taking my mom to the hospital when she's ready to have the baby? Who will be taking US to visit?

I'm not letting those thoughts get to me.

It's a bit last 10PM, and I have a physics test tomorrow that I should've studied for but didn't. I also haven't eaten since I got home & my stomach is grumbling but maybe it's a good thing. I'm never as hungry as before & I think that's great. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I might finally be getting my schedule change, which is going to help me get through the day.

Oh, I should proooobably choose my outfit for tomorrow before going to bed.