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2015-08-21 13:08:50 (UTC)

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and for the first time in a long time I feel comfortable and getting back to my normal self. I have my targets reviewed and I don’t feel nervous or worried I will not be disciplined enough to follow what I have set myself. I feel comfortable I can feel the hunger come back into my life. I am sure I will pursue the targets I have set in my career, business, personal life, work, kids etc. with vigour.

I don’t feel any emotions regarding my birthday (like last year) and I feel nothing today which is my wedding anniversary. These are good signs that I have moved on and looking forward. I think what has helped me more than anything is her actions (post marriage),.she has lacked class, shown no integrity, lied and actively doing her best to diminish me. I have no interest to associate myself with her and looking forward to the final separation after the court dates (by end of October).

My private life is going okay, I have no plans to settle with anyone for at least a year then from there I will see what happens as I am not getting any younger but from when I move out of the house (possible towards end of 2015) to end of 2016 I plan to just enjoy going out again and enjoying myself.

My business is coming along fine but we may have to enter an agreement such that I may have to relocate. I am worried about that because I want to be close to my kids especially my son that is 13 years old. I need to guide him in this crucial stage in his life especially with his education and his football.

I need to prepare for the court as I will be representing myself as the fees for a barrister is astronomical and not worth what we are fighting for. I will still need to use the services of a solicitor on an hourly basis so still need to make legal payments for the court date.

I am up to the challenge I have set myself and I trust all will be well.