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2015-08-28 19:54:33 (UTC)

I Dream In Color (Doesn't Everyone?)

"Frutista" by Alphabetics

August 28, 2015 Friday 7:59 PM

Today was nice. What sucked is I only had like five or six hours of sleep, but I had the loveliest dream. !!!

It made me really excited. A lot of it probably won't make sense but I'll try and describe it anyway.

So Lily, Pablo (her dad), and I were all on a strange plateau of sorts. It was really beautiful, with huge flowers and soft grass. Rivers running through it and water falling off the edge into a large lagoon (which later became an endless ocean). Lily would swim down the waterfalls (yes, swim down a waterfall) and dive to the lake bottom because there was gold down there. The water was super clear. At some point, I was standing on a large flower at the edge of the plateau and stared as a huge humpback whale swam by and Lily dove for more coins.

It was amazing. Pablo asked me to come down (he was talking with someone, I don't remember who) and I said that I couldn't because there was this huge cat at the base of the flower.

Not like a lion or anything. Literally a giant house cat (unsurprisingly, that cat took the form of Keeko).

I was afraid it would eat me. It was large enough to swallow me whole.

Pablo kept encouraging me, though, and not wanting to be annoying or disappointing, I hopped down. It looked at me, all predatory, and made a move but I think I hid behind Pablo.

It didn't end up eating me, is the point.

I instinctively knew I was in one world (the plateau only made up part of my world, though I never saw the rest) out of five.

We only ended up visiting two other worlds in my dream. Lily had come back up and we started walking and suddenly were in this place where the skies were pink.

(I should mention that this dream was kind of cartoon-y. IT WAS GREAT, OH MY GOD. I was someone else, though. I'm pretty sure my name was Lillian and I had brown hair, short bangs, different face, haha. Well, a cartoon face, so it wouldn't have really looked like mine in the first place. The plateau part wasn't in cartoons though)

In the pink-sky place (it was like The City of Love or something lame like that), there was this... Um... What do I call it? A mausoleum type thing?

I know of something that looks similar so first I'll describe that. On San Juan island in Washington, there's a memorial called the Afterglow Vista. I really want to go there. It's supposedly haunted, but I don't believe that.

Anyway, it's this round patio type thing surrounded by columns. In the center is a round, stone table and surrounding that are six stone chairs. There's an empty space where a seventh one would fit nicely. It's creepy and nice and I want to go there. I heard about it on Lore. It was previously called the McMillan mausoleum. I left a link to a couple websites with photos of it. I still think the Lore description is better, though.

If I ever go, I hope it's on a foggy day.

Instead of the arches lining the top of THIS mausoleum, the top of the Pink-Sky-Place mausoleum was carved intricately with hearts and things. Not much of a surprise. There was some guy in robes there. Like a wizard or some shit. Everything was just so beautiful there.

Suddenly, we walked and ended up in this other place. Chaos everywhere, haha.

The president (not Obama, it was actually Samuel L. Jackson, haha) was talking about something and how we were all going to be taken over by the Ice Skeletons.

I got this weird vision of some... well... armor covered, icy skeletons. What do you really expect? They were traveling through some kinda blizzard.

(Do you think this sounds kinda like Thor? I'm pretty sure all that Norse mythology is catching up to me. They have three worlds and an ice kingdom so maybe that where my brain got it's inspiration)

Anyway, we were sitting in this crowded space-ship type room.

(I guess this world was situated in space??? So I mixed Norse mythology with like... Peter Pan and Star Wars? It sure felt like Star Wars. Wasn't Samuel L. Jackson in one of the movies?)

All around us, people were rushing and screaming and President Jackson (who was actually WEARING those robes that the people in Star Wars wear) was telling us, "We must end the world so the world does not end with them."

Um??? Okay??? What kind of logic is that???

So basically, he was like, "Let's commit mass suicide and take everyone with us because the skeletons are coming." We took it in stride. Well, I did. The screaming people? Not so much.

I was sitting on the floor tossing a rubber bouncy ball back and forth with Frozone. People kept running in front of us, holding their heads like they did in old horror movies.

I guess he was my boyfriend in this dream??? I don't like him that way and he sure as hell doesn't like me that way (he doesn't know me that well and vice versa)

(Plus, he's headed off to college this fall)

(Which is sad)

(I'm going to miss his hugs and his 'Hello, Veronica!'s in school and at Peer)

Okay, well, as I went to toss the ball to him, I for some reason aimed HORRIBLY. It was about 45 degrees away from where I had been aiming. That's about how good I am at throwing things in real life, too, haha.

It hit a kitchen cabinet and stuff came tumbling out. People yelled at me and I cleaned it up. But, like, the world was about to end. THAT'S what they cared about?

Well, soon after that, there was this huge blue explosion. Very cartoon-y. A baby blue circle in the center of my vision and lighter blue radiating outwards. There were lines in the light blue, drawn away from the center, like a child draws rays on the outside of a sun.

Bits of cartoon ice also exploded with this stuff. It wasn't, like, a still image. It was moving. Nothing hurt.

The next thing that happened was that I, Lillian, washed up onto a beach, unconscious. I had been in an ocean and it was implied by my mind that the rest of the population, those who survived, were also scattered into the ocean.

So... I had gotten the impression that all five worlds were destroyed. I think we were shot into an alternate universe.

Anyway, so cartoon Lillian is being kissed by the waves on the beach and there's water in her open mouth, but she's alive. She's wearing a blue dress and her eyes are closed.

The cartoon parts were in the Legend of Zelda style. I don't play that game so I'm not sure why.

I've played some of one (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening) with a singing fish, but I never finished.

I kept getting stuck on one part and I still haven't figured out how to get past it so I give up, haha. It's fun, just not really my thing.

ANYWAY. The cartoon parts were in the style of the little pre-game stories in Zelda and there was Zelda-ish music too. It was so beautiful. I am in love.

After I woke up, I told Adrian about it because he told me once that he used to only dream in cartoon. How awesome is that? Okay, well. Yeah. I was excited about it. I told Lily, too, when she picked me up.

Oh yeah. We went up into the mountains today, where there's this Adventure Park built into the trees. So basically we spent the whole day climbing and zip lining. It was fun as hell.

(I'm talking to Adrian now, actually, and I just misunderstood something he said and I DID THE SAME THING YESTERDAY AND WHY DO I TRY TALKING TO PEOPLE, GOSH, SEE. I'M NOT STUPID (or at least, I don't think I am???), I'M JUST... DELAYED)

Parentheses within parentheses. What have I done.

Kay, well. I love Lily. We shared some italian ice that tasted like Mountain Dew. She made fun of me because I'm a notoriously slow eater (usually they finish before I'm halfway done with my food. MINDFUL EATING MAKES THINGS TASTE BETTER, OKAY?).

I dunno, it was just fun and I like Pablo, too. He's easy to talk with. We talked a little on the way home (it's like an hour drive) and then went to Wendy's.

We ate outside, on a picnic table in the grass, and Lily started arguing with Pablo about his smoking.

I didn't mind or anything. I was admiring their back and forth, actually (totally siding with Lily, but I'm supposed to be unbiased and non-nosy so I just kept quiet). I don't know how she manages to keep so calm. Teach me, Lily.

Here's a lil snippet.

*Lily and Pablo talking about some people who were trying to get Pablo to stop smoking*

Me: I love listening to conversations with no context.

*cue light laughter because I'm funny (no)*

*some more stuff was probably said right about here but iiii dunno*

Pablo: So, what, Veronica, you're not gonna help me out here? Maybe change the subject?

Me: Oh, what? Um, I dunno, I don't have anything interesting to say. I was just thinking about grass.

(I was really thinking about how my sandwich tasted, to be honest, but there was grass in my line of sight so I just said that)

Pablo: Grass? Like how green it is?

Me: Well, I think like a dog, so more like "Oh, there's grass."

Pablo: Like a dog? So, "I want to roll around in that" and "I want to pee over there"?

Me: Yeah, pretty much that.

Okay, well that was my day. I'm done. Listening to In Rainbows (Radiohead album).

Ughhhh. I'm going to go take a bath. I'm happy and all, but I need to relax. Part of me ain't feeling so good.

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