Story of a Girl
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2015-08-25 20:45:23 (UTC)

2nd day of school

After my flats cut into my left heel, it hurt for the rest of the day. The pant legs were a bit too long, so I covered both my heels to help prevent my right heel from getting cut (it was already red, so it was on the verge of cutting open) and to help with the pain on my left heel. It didn't really work... except for the fact that it left my cut blue? Like, it was like cutting off a little layer of skin but that layer of skin was still hanging on and it kinda turned blue because of my pants. I thought it was kinda cool, though. But painful. I went to sleep with only one sock on my right foot and my left foot was barefoot--EVERYTHING HURT. I was able to sleep peacefully, though. In the morning, getting out of bed sucked. I thought my heel would've stopped hurting but NOPE. I accidentally rubbed the cut against my blankets and holy fuck. No. Never again. The next time I'm in bed, I'll be careful about how I get my foot off. Showering was also a pain. Just STANDING hurt. I had to bend my knee just a little bit--it wasn't enough to not feel pain, but it helped tons. If I bent my knee too much, it stung. It I didn't, it stung. I had to bend just a bit for the stinging to lessen. I put my socks on first and it... surprisingly didn't hurt. I mean, yesterday I put a sock on to hopefully help but the cut stung way too much so I only put on one sock. But I was really surprised when I could handle the sock touching my heel. I put on my combat boots--thought it would hurt--but my heel felt just fine. It wasn't around the time that my mom dropped me off that I started walking towards the building that I could feel my heel stinging again. I felt it but it wasn't as bad as it was yesterday.

I got to school a little early so I hid behind one of the portables near mine to take pictures of the sky. It was kinda cloudy today ("supposedly" a thunderstorm) and I thought it would be nice to take pictures. I walked into class two minutes before the bell rang. I sat down and started on the daily assignment before the class started filling up. Mike sat beside me & Dulce sat a few seats in front of Mike--don't think she recognized us because she was on her phone. The teacher had two students come up to show the work on the board... so, I recognized them. Sandra was this one girl in my biology class freshman year who was one of the many class clowns. I didn't have Bralin in any classes but I just somehow know him. So HE'S the class clown with Sandra this year. Interesting. After they sat down, our teacher gave us our "pre-test" to see how well we remember things from algebra 1... first minute into the test, I was done. Done as in I didn't remember shit. They were simple things like solving equations, -5x x = 16 or something like that but I honestly just didn't remember much. There was also factoring included, but I couldn't remember the steps in order. A few minutes into the test, a student aid came in to hand in papers. I THOUGHT it was the counselors taking me out of class to talk about my schedule class, but no. It was for Mike; his classes had been rearranged and he wouldn't have algebra 2 in the morning anymore.

So, there goes the one person I actually talked to in that class.

I was actually able to get to U.S. History on time! The boots really helped me walk faster and I arrived at the little passageway before it got crowded-- and I was able to be in my seat a few seconds before the warning bell rang. My teacher had us interview someone in the class that he had chosen for us and we would go up to the front and introduce this person to the class. We had six questions:

1) Who and where?
2) Favourite subjects?
3) Hobbies?
4) Where would they like to travel?
5) Dream job?
6) What would they like to learn?

I was paired up with the girl in front of me, the one from my old history class. She was pretty energetic but was mostly paying attention to her friends beside us. The teacher gave us a few minutes to interview each other and then we had people volunteer to go up... Let me just say, my teacher is SO energetic about presentations. Every time a new group would go up, he'd yell out, "WHOOP WHOOP!" and since I sit by his desk, it's extremely loud for me. He'd ALWAYS have a story to go along with one of the questions & he was just so relatable. At one point, this one kid's partner said, "Oh, and he also likes to use the bathroom." So we were all like, "woah, okay." And the teacher was like, "Well, way to put it on the table... and, since you brought it up, I kinda like it--oh, TMI." so the girls were like "OH MY GOD MISTER" and he was like, "LET'S JUST SAY THAT GUYS CAN RELATE. MOVING ON." Jesus christ. I'm really liking my teacher so far, haha.

I was also early on getting to my physics class. Was. I was making my way down to the basement passageway and the hallway was clear... until I got to the passageway. It was FULL. No one was able to move and I'm not sure how I managed to get through the crowd. Eventually, everyone started moving and by the time they did, the warning bell rang. I did make it to class and I sat at the same seat from yesterday. During the class, we got two new students--there was this one asian boy who had FUCKING COOL HAIR. It looked so friggin' cool. I also made it to fourth period on time, too. Honestly, my spanish literacy teacher is super young & awesome. A lot of people didn't get his references/jokes but I did, and it was kinda upsetting. Like, a few students walked in late and there wasn't enough seats for everyone so he said, "Is there a gentleman who would like to give up his seat? Have any of you... watched titanic? Y'know... the ladies and babies... get on the lifeboats? No? Okay." Because the guys in my spanish class are assholes. I feel them, though, nobody likes sitting on the floor. And then later on, he was giving us this "lecture" about his lifestory and he said, "The guy was an asshole... excuse my french." He was waiting for some kind of reaction from us but got nothing. I thought that was fucking hilarious, though. I did kinda giggle but not loud enough for him to hear that someone found it funny. He's pretty cool, though. For the rest of the class period, he had us draw things about ourselves and we would have to present it on Thursday & Friday. And that was it.

Lunch was uneventful. Leslie told me she'd wait for me... but when I arrived at the lunchroom, she was nowhere to be found. I did stop at the restroom before texting her but stiiiiiill. So, I bought myself a water bottle & a cinnamon pop tart at the student store and basically stood by myself the entire time during lunch. It wasn't all bad, though. I was texting a few friends that didn't have my lunch. There was this one loner kid standing near me yesterday and he was there again today, and I WANTED to say hi but someone came up o him and dragged him away. The bell rang and I arrived at my 6th period. I had completely forgotten that we were getting assigned seats. The teacher gave me a gambling card--six of spades-- and I would have to find a table with that matching card. And to my misfortune, Mari had already sat a table that didn't have that card. FUCK my life. I was the first to sit at a table with a six of spades and some asian guy sat at an opposite corner. An asian girl sat in front of me and one of the more "popular" kids sat beside me, complaining about how he didn't want assigned seats. We had all gotten cards and filled them out, then the person sitting at the spades seat would bring them up, ie me. Later, the person sitting at the hearts seat would get up and grab three things from a cabinet nearby. The girl in front of me went over and brought back a slip with the word dentist, a paper, and a kitchen strainer. As our first group project, we were supposed to come up with a 30 second commercial to sell out product (strainer) to a specific audience (dentist). And holy hell, it was awkward. First off, no one at the table wanted to talk. Most of the talking was done by the girl sitting across from me, and she was just trying to get us talking. The kid beside me NEVER had a clue on what we were doing. He always had to ask, "So what are we doing?" "How are we doing this?" "So I do this or?" For the first half of class, we came up with an idea to sell our product as a holder, to hold all the dentist supplies. I then suggested that the strainer could be used a head holder, to keep the patient in place when the doctor is at work. The girl loved my idea but the guy next to me wanted to use the holder idea instead. And because he was SO fucking stubborn, we just went with him in order to get things done because we were running out of time. And, literally before the presentations started, we changed our commercial idea; the strainer would be used as some security thing to keep people away. In our little act, I was the doctor, the girl was security guard, the asian dude would be the spokesperson selling the product and the stubborn dude would be the crook. We ultimately did a really bad job presenting, but it WAS kind of difficult coming up with something decent, seeing as we kept changing ideas.

6th period was a bust. For the first week of school, the majority of gym classes spend the week sitting on the bleachers. My teacher took roll and announced that she would start selling PE uniforms on Thursday, so we would have until them to find money to pay for the uniforms. So, I'm just assuming that we're still spending the rest of the week on the bleachers until Friday. And 7th period wasn't so bad. I sat beside Guy who was already saving me a seat. Matt happened to be sitting behind us, and he fucking stood up and sat in the corner in the room as soon as I sat down next to Guy. Seriously, dude? But whatever. I've already put thought into how my classes MIGHT be arranged if the counselors call me up and Matt will hopefully not be in any of my classes. I guess I'll be doing us both a favor, right? Still don't understand why he's so pissed at me but whatever. Band was pretty okay, I guess. We finished the introductions that we started yesterday and then we began a few icebreakers. The first was a human scavenger hunt; find people that have done something on the list, get them to sign your paper, and that's it. I spent the entire time just walking up to people and asking them to sign my paper--wasn't interested in having fun and actually trying to converse with them. I followed Melissa into turning my paper and my band director looked at me with a sort of pout and asked me, "Why didn't you go to band camp!?" I explained to her my whole parents-don't-want-me-doing-band-stuff situation and how they were going to visit my counselor if they didn't call me up, and she was like, "And your mom couldn't have just... called me? That sucks, I'm sorry hun." I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT: I sincerely thought that my band director wouldn't have noticed if I was gone or not. I honestly felt so invisible in band and it didn't matter if I was there or not, so that was one of my personal reasons for wanting to quit. So, a thank you to my band director for noticing.

We did another icebreaker--a would you rather--and that was the end of class. I went over to the restrooms to waste time and then I left through the back of the school. On my way out, some kid asked me for my opinion but I honestly had no idea what to say. As I was walking to my waiting spot, I heard a familiar voice go "HEEEEeeeeEEeEEY" from the bike racks and I saw Renett holding onto the fence. We did our usual "YOU." "NO, YOUUUUUU." thing and she showed me her fucked up schedule. Our history teacher pulled a bitch move and places her in regular US history instead of AP JUST because she was always absent. We ALMOST share our algebra 2 class; she has algebra second and I have it first period, and we both have the same teacher. We talked for a while and then she told me to get going before I get in trouble with my mom. And just as I started walking away, my mom called me to ask where I was. I quickly made my way over to my waiting spot to see my mom in the van, already there. I got in the car and then we made over to pick up my glasses; I had gotten two missed calls & a voicemail from the office, telling me that my glasses were ready for pickup. I had gotten my eye exam done on Friday and I was told they would be ready in 7-10 days but I was really glad that they were here a bit early. We made our way to the office and I brought up my grandpa, whom I've met when I was on my way to the US. That lead to another topic, about getting our papers, and mom explained that she didn't like the idea of my sisters and I traveling by ourselves on an airplane, and THAT lead to her talking about a feud with one of my favorite aunts. As we stepped into the office, a few raindrops fell on my face and we stopped our conversation once the workers brought out my glasses. HOLY FUCK.


Like, my last eye exam was in 2010 or 2011... I was supposed to visit once a year, and the glasses I had from them were severely damaged and I DEFINITELY needed new prescription glasses. With my new glasses, I could SEE COLORS so clearly. They seemed so vibrant and bright and oh my god. The worker asked how I felt and I told her, "I feel like a brand new person, honestly. I forgot what good eyesight was." Both my mom and the worker laughed, the worker told me I looked good in my glasses and then she gave me a little cleaner thing with my case. We walked back out to the parking lot and made our way to the other side of town while my mom continued talking about my aunt and my dad. We stopped at a Bonita store near my dad's house--first, to buy some food and to send money to aunt in Mexico, who is currently caring for my grandfather. We arrived home at around 3:30pm-ish and my mom made us chilaquiles. After a while, I felt really really tired so I took a "15 minute nap." Those 15 minutes turned to half an hour, and then an hour and a half. I woke up around 6 or 7PM, honestly can't remember, and now I'm here writing this! It's a bit past 8:40PM and even though I've been awake for a while, I think I woke up sick. Just my allergies kicking in. I've been sneezing nonstop for about 5 minutes and Briana has already asked me to stop sneezing--nonstop sneezing is one of the few signs I get when I'm catching a cold/have allergies. And, I'm all out of pocket tissues so fuck my school life.

Well, I'm gonna end this here. I just wanted to start being active, now that I've already started school. I'll probably have lots of more interesting stuff to write about, maybe? I had started writing this during gym because I don't have any friends there and I needed to entertain myself for an hour, soooooo. OH, I also did see someone from my zoned school! I forgot her name, but I had her in my art class in middle school. It's so nice to see someone from my middle school here.

I would really appreciate it if someone bought me pocket tissues. Oh, and also a bucket of freezing cold water because I'm extremely dehydrated and everything feels hot. Pls&thx

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