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2015-08-02 03:00:44 (UTC)

7/31/15 Friday

He called me to argue with me about calculating camping. Hang up on him. He got home. Dad too. Heat up food for me. Then he told me his fd was coming. I expressed 不耐烦。he said i dont have fds. Then i said u want me go hang out with my fds. Then he said in chinese u cant hang out with ur work fds. I got mad at him. Went dowstairs. After 1 hr, he came down try to make up but i just ignored him. Said no to go millbrae. I went to shower try to avoid him. He pursued arguing. Got escalated when he said how good he treats me and how he paying for everything and i said ur dad is. That pushed him to the limit. Dragged me out of stall, told me to leave or promise to change. Of course i said leave. He punched the bathroom wall. Tried to suffocate me with towel and choke me. Dad came down. 拉开我们。劝他上去。i insisted on leaving. He even sad why i so slow packing. I threw serum at him. Yelled at dad too. Packed my stuffs. Came upstairs. Dad was in tSmall fight turned into bad end: we got kicked out at 12.

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