2015-07-27 23:35:04 (UTC)

7/27/15 Monday

Had problem with dumping. He got mad at his fd. Cooked Korean BBQ very late. Had hot chocolate. Took a shower at the public shower. Went to bed at 3. He told me he is falling for me. Just because I was being domestic? Then any girl can make him fall in love. Then he was feeling sick. Threw up. All got up around 10. He cooked breakfast. Packed up. returned rv by 5. Sushi dinner in san bruno. He was saying he could live with me forever like this. 真是有病。but I'm happy I guess. Of course I should stay with him for my son. If I could totally depend on him financially and we fight less. Home. Unpacked with dad help. Shower. He went to sleep at 11. I came upstairs but can't turn on the tv. Or update my iPad without hui password. Also hungry again.