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2015-08-19 00:05:31 (UTC)

Where's my mind?

Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, August 18, 2015

For the first time in years i was happy on a Monday. Strange, i know. Everything seemed fine, i was quiet and smiling. The day seemed to go faster than usual. Was sunny but it was not too hot. The weather was cool.

It was 1:20 pm when i discovered that the biology teacher could not come to school. My mood improved even more because biology was our last class.
The bell rang and the sociology professor had arrived. Such as biology teacher didn't come, the sociology class became our last class.

The teacher was stressed, we had to present a paper for her. My homework was about hip-hop. All the class who did the work ,read to the teacher. All the class who did the work,she just gave a big zero.
She said that our work was crap and called us shit.

My mood change to extremely angry girl and exterminator of teachers. I was very angry because i researched everything i could and she didn't let me finish reading. He said the work was a big shit. When i came home i wanted to go back to school and make her swallow my homework.

I was lying on my couch stirring in my twitter when suddenly Luke send me a message on whatsapp.
"I love you" was what the message said. First i was very angry and wanted to answer "but i don't" but i stopped a bit and thought and all i could write was "what?"

He then immediately replied saying that his friends had taken her cell phone and sent the message. I don't know if i believe or not.
He apologized to me then but it's okay now.
We talked a bit and i found out he was in the street.

I live in Rio de Janeiro and this city is very dangerous. If you walk shirtless the thieves steal your nipples. I asked him to keep his cell phone on backpack and he just told me "No. I want to talk to you in my 11% of battery because you're a nice person to talk to." I don't know what to say.

Today i arrived late at school, but that did not matter because the teacher can't come.

The history teacher asked to me and my best friend to help people paint the plaster masks they made for the day of art in high school. I pretended i was going to help, but when he turned and looked back to speak to a teacher, i just run away. While fleeing hoping the teacher didn't notice that i disappeared i found Luke. Was very strange, he seemed nervous, without reaction.

Then he smiled and i reached over to greets him. When his hand found mine i could feel how nervous he was. His hand was super cold. It seemed he had put his hand on top of Everest.

It was so fast. He touched my hand and he let go. He smiled and said "why are you running?" i just said "i'm running away from teacher, bye" and i started to run and not looked back.

My mind floated in physics class. All my calculations were wrong. In geography class i couldn't answer a question that the teacher made me and the answer was in the book.

It was not because of him. It has nothing to do with it. I'm with so much homework that i'm a little lost. Where was my mind these days?

Good Night

- Brooke

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