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me and my life
2015-08-18 17:03:44 (UTC)

many thots n till now

I had been to my sis place for 3 days she was lil lonely n wanted me to stay so i had gone. It was fun to be wit her and its dat we share vry pure n close relatn wit each other sis love. Muha i love her. After that i am back at home yest monday.
I was thinking abt my work my job. Its dat i am happy wit co n all but nit with the work given to me. I evrytime feel i am not lego of this game. I can fit perfectly nower c ii loved doing somthing else. Mayb i donno..
I am not happy wit the work at all. Its is not defined.
Lets see how things turnout to be. This was abt work.
My current status for the moment is null. Yea i am null in terms of money. I harsly have 1500 bucks with me n wanna spend entire month until i get my salary really its really painful to be moneylesa ao damn middle class kinda feeling yaar shi. Kya socha tha n kya hua hai phewww. Thot of actress n sitg in stpid offc wasting my time talent evrythg. But donno some wer i hav hope dat magic can happen :p it may sound foolish but still hope is alwas good to keep thing live. I donno how i am gonna managr money till i get salary most of money gets spent on auto hmm... today i walked down from offc till station.
Missing babea alot i donno y. I knw he was wrong he was mistake still. I am just missing his dat tough hug, kiss on forehead dat cute peck on cheeks..his smell his touch so damn. Feels like kalki baat. But its almost 5 months now i am single n we broke up. I think i miss him mayb coz i miss love in life as i am young of the age wer i need somone to be with. Donno just saying as such i dont feel need if but i miss him dats true.
Many things are goin in head des days specly abt making future happening and abt earning money. How can i earn money more money so much is man.
I am savg more for our trip yes i had planned trip for me mom n sis hopfuly it will b successful. M not talking abt it much now as i dont wanna spoil it.
Okay den lets hope for all well.