A lady in the crowd
2015-08-18 05:04:06 (UTC)

A Letter to Joe.

Dear Joe,

I can't emphasize enough how time passes by at a blink of an eye; and even faster than the speed of light if you're having a fun time. When we met we were nothing more than strangers at Imperial Valley College. We both kept our heads up high. We held a firm mentality that we were going to remain focused while studying at a University. Avoid investing stress, time, and energy in a disdainful version of young love. Where most look for Mrs. Right now rather than searching for Mrs. Right. Now is not the right place or time for a lustful fling.
In other words, no fucking around.

Many people had a wrongful impression of our friendship. It's considered an urban legend for a girl and boy to maintain a clean bond that doesn't involve the slightest interest of intimacy. Impossible right? They nearly asked over a dozen times,"Is romance in the air?" While we simply laughed and shook our heads, "Bromance" we replied.

I think it shows that you have a lot of guts since you entrusted me with your darkest secret. A person can live a comfortable life while hiding malfunctioned parts of their personality. Do you really know a person? Not entirely. I appreciate that special moment where you came out as your true-self. You found enough courage to set aside your fears of rejection and you said it,"I'm not bi-curious, I'm bi-sexual." We spoke for hours about our opinions on sexuality. Not only that, but we touched on controversial topics like politics, religion, virginity, genres of pornography, abortion, quantum theory, quantum mechanics, and the Universe. You're outspoken and easy to talk to; I'm genuinely grateful that we can speak about anything that surrounds our curious mind.

Each day our long runs and cardio exercises represented a small footstep closer to our goals. You wanted to lose a fair amount of weight, meanwhile I fantasized about becoming an Olympic runner. Instead of spending our time swimming at La Holla shores, we ran across the seashore until the landscape turned into a rough path of sharpened rocks.

Somewhere along our moments of bonding and adventure something beautiful came to an end. Until next time Summer.
P.S. Bro, I hope we'll continue to stay in touch.

~Yours Truly,