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2015-07-10 03:30:06 (UTC)

7/9/15 Thursday

Got up ag 11. Fight because he this i was having attitude. He didn't wait for me. Called me and talked things out. After he got home, he was telling me he found out he has OCD too. Was talking and talking, how his parents fucked him up. I made a comment I think it's normal. That set him off again. Said I'm unsupportive, how much he regrets, I'm just some $300 whore. I think I need to see a psychologist. I went down. He came down to keep reason with me. Somehow he got irritated again, said he will book hotel for me. Then he left. Dad called me. I came up, was talking to him when he came back. Asked him if he was booking hotel. Started talking. Was cool temporarily. He left to buy medicine. Talked to dad. He came back. All good. Until we sat down at dinner table. He said something again, I got pissed said we don't need to be together. He got pissed too. Even said he told his dad he made the biggest mistake of his life and his dad said I could take the kid if I want, just hit him with chi