A lady in the crowd
2015-08-10 04:37:24 (UTC)

A Taste of Speed.

I've invested a large amount of time driving. Each time I go on a ride in my Liberty Jeep, I acknowledge that I'm the one whose in control. I've grown a sense of self-awareness; yet I forbid myself from being overconfident.

I'm a cautious woman behind the wheel. I've learned to never put my entire trust in other drivers. A fatal accident could not only be a high price to pay, but it can also lead to a tragic and instantaneous death.

For the first time I had a taste of speed as I drove down highway 101. All of the windows were rolled down as the wind blew through our hair. Ino's voice cut through the loud breeze as she shouted,"You could go faster the speed limit's 85 mph!" I nodded while I pressed my foot down on the accelerator. My youthful engine purred loudly. "Yeah baby!" I yelled in enthusiasm. Ino turned the radio on at power 98.3, then she blasted the volume up a notch. I blocked out the loud music as I kept my eyes on the road. My undivided attention focused on getting us back home safely.

Authors Note: I sure won't be driving 85 mph while taking my drivers test on November! I hope to pass because receiving my permit would have multiple benefits. I'll be able to drive my grandma who's no more than half awake, due to working a draining night-shift. After I pass my test, I'll pick up a hot date in car. Esteban and I plan to celebrate at Pizza Hut; both of us compromising to pay for half of the receipt.

~Yours Truly,