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2015-08-09 14:57:27 (UTC)


Alright. I'll give you a not so brief summary of the past few weeks events. It's been fucking eventful ahah.

So yeah Jacob broke up with me for some weird reason? found out it was because he cheated on me two days after I left for ski trip. Awesome right? I basically cried it all out in the first three days. To be honest, I am the best I have been in a long fucking time. So I got mad. I told him when we were on a break I slept with his friend Brad, yes it's true, yes I know it was wrong of me to not tell him. But fuck he didn't deserve to know, he's a piece of shit aha. He proceeded to call me many names, slut, fat cow, bitch, cum rag, the works. But that shit didn't affect me, he still messages me trying to get a reaction out of me but I just reply bluntly because I know it angers him the most. Well I fucked Brad again, and continue to do so. He's a great guy, I'm not looking for any commitment just a casual thing. Jacob is the scum of the earth though, he turned me into some pathetic desperate co-dependant piece of shit. I know now I only need my god damn self. I'm happy with that, I have so many people there for me and I know that now. I also found out he tried to get with Jade (best friend at the time) while in a relationship with me. That was cool that she didn't tell me . apparently to "protect" me. what bullshit she was protecting Jacob, why would you want your best friend to stay with a lying cheating scum bag? apparently that makes sense in her stupid fucking head haha. He said he lost interest because i gained weight? ahah i'm not even fat what a freak.

Jacob only has Jade now because fortunately all his friends were my friends. and they remain loyal to me, because i'm a better fucking person ahah. I was and am sad that Jade has gone off with him.. as I am the reason she was brought back to the group when she left school.. I'm the only one that tried with her. But it's always awesome when your best friend goes off and starts fucking your ex! fake bitch didn't even care fuuuuck. I can and can't believe she's done this ahah oh well she only has him too.

. I know some people don't believe in bi-sexuality but I'm pretty sure I am, I find both genders equally attractive.

I want to go vegan again because it makes me feel better about myself physically and mentally. I can live without bringing poor animals down with me.
But school is shit, that's the one shit thing. Tuesday I'm going to explain to Brad that I'm not really down for commitment, because I also don't want to ruin a great friendship. Like he's so fucking nice. Now that I'm out of the relationship i can see how shit Jacob treated me, and everyone else thought so too. All the shit he tried to justify. Far out, he was a piece of shit. Constantly flirting with other girls. Always putting himself on a god damn pedistool like he was the best. I know i'm in the right. And i have connor back, i missed conz. Oh well to toxic relationships out of my life and plenty positive ones to come into my life! I'm excited and happy, and everything I wasn't while in that relationship. I'm back to the old mostly indepedant me :) I mean look at my past few months entries, all depressing. Now I really do feel so much fucking better thanks for the support from some of you too! <3