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2015-08-08 22:31:53 (UTC)

The Single Parent's Group

Well, it has finally been voiced a little more now. It's about the single parent's group. There are people complaining that it's not a single parent's group anymore. There are people dating for awhile without any attempt of being discreet anymore. There are people that met in the group, dated, and then got married. They are also still in the group. We have our 5 or 6 leaders and some of them are married now. That's life so I understand it happens.

So now, there is a slight rift in the group. This has been going of for awhile. I tried to say something awhile ago but I was chastised for it. Even a few leaders were against me. My good wing-woman lady friend is also one of the leaders and she too didn't agree with me. So, I said fuck it and let it go.

Now, what I knew was going to happen is happening. The place where single parents go to for some peace and somewhat of a life is no longer a good atmosphere. They can no longer go and bring their kids to have fun with other single parents with their kids. This is where single parents would normally discover that they aren't alone. There are others like them. Their kids can still have fun with other kids. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable with your other married friends. You no longer have to feel like you don't belong just because you are now a single parent. A place where you are no longer locked up in that circle of feeling alone as a single parent sometimes does.

It's changed. It's cool that people meet and get married. However, they should leave after that. They shouldn't be going to any events for single parents anymore. They shouldn't even be in the group anymore but they are still in there. I call them cake eaters. They want their cake and eat it too. In this case, they are married and still want to participate in a single parents group.

Some single parents aren't strong enough to stand on their own yet. It's not easy for them to see couples in the group when we camp. Making out in front of the others. Grabbing and copping a feel when they think the other people can't see. Some of these couples are so spoiled. They aren't even trying to be discreet anymore. Not all single parents are strong enough to see that in their face yet. Some are still healing. In fact, do single parents ever completely heal? I myself have been pretty strong and dealt with a lot in my life but I'm not sure of myself sometimes.

So the dynamics of the group has changed. This was where single parents used to go after a separation, divorce, etc to have some sort of refuge and to feel like a normal family. Now, they see the same shit that they used to when their family fell apart. Couples. They no longer fit when they got separated and all their friends are still married. They feel insecure again. They feel alone again. They feel something is wrong with them again. Well, they felt that when they weren't with the group. Why the heck would they join a single parent's group to feel the same shit they did on their own?

That is the problem now. I'm not sure what the fallout will be yet. We shall see. As for me, I still try not to let things get to me. I noticed all my teacher friends and others getting ready for the start of the school year. Buying school supplies. Teaching their kids how to use a combination lock for the first time. For me, that just means that my kiddos are still in Nevada with their evil Mom. It used to bother me but now it's more of a slight change in thought.

Anyway, maybe these couples will start their own couples or married group. Then maybe they can have their clique and the single parents can heal and feel normal again with their single parent's group.

Till next time diary

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