A lady in the crowd
2015-08-09 05:06:55 (UTC)

Shattered Dreams.

A dreamer awakens to
A cruel realization,
Sense of nothingness
All I've ever known morphs into
A pretentious lie.

A Robotic like nature
'Artificial laughter
'Meaningless success
'A large variety of awards
All to met a high critique of society's expectations.

An idolized role model
Inspiration to many
Yet I'm no better than anyone else
I'm small, nearly microscopic,
Compared to this large World.

My body carved by imperfections
Flaws and scars
Due to a fatal mentality
A clouded mind
From a wrongful path of negativity.

My dreams are shattered
A loss of inspiration; motivation
I've lost my identity: purpose
Empty but in desperation,
To find a path, that Pursues happiness.

~Yours Truly,