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2015-08-08 19:44:23 (UTC)

too tired for title or topic

"Motorway to Roswell" by Pixies [did I already do this song?]

August 8, 2015 Saturday 7:45 PM


My-diary has been really mean to me lately. Every page takes five to ten minutes to load. I almost wrote sometime last week but it was just too difficult so. (when was the last time I wrote anyway?)

I'm tired from traveling and so I'll reply to you (hi, Dane) in.... like a day. Or two. Depending. Definitely by Wednesday night. I'll explain why in a second.

So we drove, on Thursday, through Vermont to New Hampshire and stayed at my favorite campground. This would be our second trip there. It's really beautiful. Tall trees and hot showers and the spot we stayed in two years ago (the first time I went) was huge and surrounded by woods. In other words, very private. It had it's own outdoor fireplace. We stayed in one of the more normal spots this time, by a field, which was also nice because the stars were very clear.

I picked out Cassiopeia again. Orion wasn't above the horizon. WE SAW SHOOTING STARS. I wished for things. I was very happy this weekend.

On the first day, Caroline and I went for a walk and saw a black bear. We had been talking about creepy stories around dusk. Our camp spot was on the other side of the park, opposite from where our first spot had been. We went to visit our old spot and look at the pretty lake/pool they have there.

It's man-made and, to me, looks like something you'd see at a palace that had fallen into disrepair. It's pretty isolated, too. Not a lot of camps near it.

On the way there, I saw the bear coming out of the woods above seven to ten feet in front of us and I think I gasped. Caroline jumped and turned to face me. I grabbed her arm and started leading away and she looked back and then turned to me saying, "Oh, ha-ha, very funny."

I said, "No, seriously," and she looked back. THEN she saw the bear. I wish I was more like her when it comes to potentially dangerous situations because I think she started walking while I was frickin near tears.

I hadn't been scared until I imagined the bear ripping her open. This is why MY PARENTS HSOULDN'T HAVE LET ME WATCH THOSE NATURE-DEATH-SHOW THINGS ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WHEN I WAS A TINY ONE.

Anyway, yeah. That was exciting, I guess, but we were both paranoid after that because I mean... there's a blackbear wandering around and what do we have protecting us? A flimsy tent. We mostly laughed about it, though. Yay for that.

I'm sorry, I'd be more into this if my vision weren't so blurry. Also, sleepy. I am. Yes.

Ummmmmm.... we saw Des and Cal, my cousins from Colorado, for the first time in two years. Cal is fifteen, entering freshman year, and Des is twelve, entering seventh grade.

Des mostly talked to me and said I was awesome. I think that's because I let her talk and laughed when she said something kinda funny and occasionally made remarks/asked questions. Plus, I played games with her.

But Jesus, she is just as energetic and exhausting as I remembered her. She's also affectionate, though, and how can you not love that?

Still... This conversing was all going down whilst climbing a steep-ass mountain (Mt Washington).

I climbed it a couple years ago and then we walked back down (12 miles) so it wasn't THAT exhausting, I guess. We didn't make it to the top because we took the wrong trail or something. Still, the walking lasted for at least six frickin hours. I was half-jogging part of the way down so that tired me out.

Des talks. So. Much.

I love her but. She talks. A lot.

I'm disappointed that Dax, my cousin who is?? My age, I think?? Yeah! Yeah. He's a couple months younger but that's about it.

Anyway, he wasn't there. That sucks. I miss our talks by dying campfires, dammit.

Guess it'll be another year, at least, before I see him.

Okay, so now we're home. I bought a shirt with stars that glows in the dark and I am happy :)

I am also wearing the bracelet with Celtic-type designs and I feel so frickin fancy, wow.

I should go help cleaning now...

And I'm going to finish watching Harold & Maude tonight. So far, it has earned a spot on my favorite movies list.

Ughhh I need to read my ELA books.

Des and Cal (and my aunt and uncle) are coming to our house tomorrow and we'll be around them until Tuesday so I might not have time to write, especially with all this frickin loading.

I get to go to Peer on Monday, though!

That's good. I can talk about my utter confusion concerning the past/present/future/hypothetical and, AND, and I can discuss my morbidity.

I feel bad because some people probably won't want to hear about dead bodies and shit, but.... I am so fascinated with that kind of thing.