Brooke the goat

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2015-08-08 22:46:59 (UTC)

Never been kissed

Rio de Janeiro, Friday, August 08, 2015

I don't know if you know the film "never been kissed", but anyway, i know that most people i know think that there are more girls like Josie. I can say that everybody are mistaken. I'm living proof that there are girls like Josie.

Yeah, i've never been kissed. I've always been the kind of girl who does not like to mingle much with people. Because of this the boys went from me. I'm 16 and it never bothered me. Till the day i got into high school and i was in a rollaway people and a guy asked me if i had already kissed someone. On this wheel was my friend and my best friend. They know i never kissed anyone. Or at least they thought that.

I was nervous for the first time in life i lied about that. I looked at him and said "yes, of course". My best friend looked at me startled and asked "who?". I felt bad for having to lie to him, i thought twice and said "the son of my mother's friend." I don't know who is the son of my mother's friend and also don't know if it exists.

I'm not ashamed to have never kissed a boy, i'm ashamed for people who arrive at school saying "i kissed 10 boys in one night."
I still don't know why i lied about such a silly matter. Maybe for fear of what people would think.

- brooke

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