Live my life♥

me and my life
2015-08-05 16:42:23 (UTC)

so far all good :)

Yeah actually I have no complains with my current job. I mean there are some parts which are unfair an lil hhhuuuhhh but i am all ok with it till now. My work profile seems so good i mean no tenseion of sale and targets and business development its relationship manager post and all with cordination with client i can say this is what i wished for :D big smilesss..
Actually travelling is lil prob but i knw ill get used to it soon.
and waiting for money i am so fall short of it. I hope evrything goes well. and good thgs come to me soon.
Yest had been to sissy place she had called me as she was feeling bore alone. we had lots of pizza n chinese food went to sleep and get back to at my homw sweet home :) i am happy n worryless now after long time phewwww. its not that i got wat i alwas wanted or somethg like that but its like some probs are solved for now :)