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2015-08-03 23:06:06 (UTC)

Easy Come Easy Go

I got my pay increase this month. An extra 100 a month was nice. Then my landlord called saying he'll increase my rent 75 bucks a month. WTF! Really? I had to laugh. Landlord told me awhile back that he won't raise my rent. He asked if I was going to leave and I said no, I'll stay.

Now he comes up with some bullshit that he has to raise the rent.I reminded him about what he said about no rent increase. One reason he indicated was that he was paying more for water now. Bullshit on that. I haven't watered the lawn for an 8 month stretch.

Then he said he spent a lot of money fixing up the house. There was nothing to fix. Sure, a sprinkler head or two in the past 2 years maybe. He did replace the insulation in the attic but that was probably a long time coming that he should have done a long time ago. It was covered in rat poop because he was experiencing a rat infestation at one point. That just means that I lived in rat infested insulation for a year and a half.

Anyway, I'll pay month-to-month for now till I find another place. He is so lucky to have me. A single man in a three bedroom house. The house has very little wear and tear when only one person lives in it. I work long hours and I don't throw any parties. I don't even walk in the two rooms where the kiddos used to stay. He will be in for a treat when he rents it out to the next tenant. They'll have 4-6 people in here and then he'll see what wear and tear is.

I was working on paying off my credit cards too. I had 4 cards. Just this month, I finally paid off the 3rd of 4 cards. Feels good to have zero balances. I got one more to go. This one will take a couple of months. We'll see how it goes. I'm pissed that my landlord lied to me. He made me verbally commit to staying and he told me himself that he wasn't going to raise the rent. I hate liars.

I guess I need to calm down and finish paying off my credit card. Stay here for a bit. Save some money and then maybe in December, I can leave this liar's home. I just don't like having to give my money to a liar.

Maybe just maybe I should also think of selling my motorcycle. I don't use it anymore since I moved from Elk Grove and driving it here in this neighborhood isn't all that great. Not sure what it's worth. Maybe 3-4 grand maybe? If I do that, then I can leave this place even sooner.

Sorry for ranting diary. Just got frustrated with the latest news.

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