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2015-08-02 21:14:38 (UTC)

Gossip I found out from camping


I found out that the person I liked a couple of years ago actually did date someone in our group. Lisa was someone I sorta liked back in 4/2013. I posted some stuff about her. I still have that email she sent me that pretty much killed it for me mentally and I think it had longer lasting effects without me realizing it. She said the normal stuff like I was nice, etc, etc but she wasn't going to ever be with me.

Here is the post she emailed me back in 4/2013. I'm not upset or anything. Time heals all wounds. Well, maybe not. Although I'm not upset or anything at her, I have stopped trying to ask people out since then. Or at least I don't recall feeling any real strong feelings for someone since then.


I really need to ask you to stop asking me out. I am so sorry, but I just don't feel the same, and that's not going to change. I enjoy hanging out with you at events, when you're not asking me out. It makes me uncomfortable and I need to know that I can go to an event and relax, with no one expecting anything from me. And it doesn't make me feel good to make someone else feel bad. I so don't want to hurt your feelings, but my ex was someone who didn't like to take no for an answer. Not my favorite trait.

I think you are clever and witty and that's the part I enjoy. I know you'd rather not be in the "friend zone." But I'm afraid that is all it will ever be. Again, I'm sorry. I hope we can enjoy future group events as friends.


So I found out at this weekend that Lisa went out with this guy named Rich. He is the real village idiot in the group. He only works for a temp agency last I heard was working in the copier room making copies and faxing stuff. He rents out rooms because he doesn't make much money. He is not inspired to make much of himself. He is a single parent and he cries that he can't have his child enough because he doesn't have a place of his own. Well? WTH? Shouldn't you go out and get a full time job so that you can get a small apt so that you can get your child more often? He's an angry drunk. I even heard he got booted out of our single parents group because he was going a little overboard trying to date women. He is really mentally unstable. Not being mean. He is just that. He is my friend somewhat but nothing more than a hi-how-are-you type of friend.

Well, he tried to hook up with Lisa and she did in fact go with him for awhile. Sigh... He has zero communication skills, not a great Dad, little income, mentally unstable and yet she falls for him? It lasted for 2 or 3 weeks but still, how did I fall for this woman?

I see that woman are not looking for the things they claim to be looking for. Security, stability, trust, honesty, someone to be able to communicate with, make them laugh, etc, etc, etc. I wish they would stop with the bullcrap and just be honest. They are very much like men. Just wanting the bad-boy type with 99% physical attraction.

Men suppose to be shallow and anything with big boogs, hot bod is all it takes. Yeah, we are stereotyped many times for that. Many times it's true. We are like that and are called pigs. Well, that again may be a little true. But we aren't hiding it. I wish woman wouldn't pretend to be completely opposite. I find out that they aren't much different at all.

Anyway, the group went out dancing one night and that is when Rich and Lisa hooked up. Three weeks later, they broke up. That's when he went coo-coo and starting sending dick pics to other women in the single parent's group. That of course got him kicked out of the group.

Now I hear that Lisa is drinking herself to the extreme. I mean way overboard. Past the normal party night or going out with friends and being happy drunks.

Lisa isn't a 10. I thought she was just a nice woman with a nice personality. She is average in looks. She is older. I'm guessing late 40s so I wasn't trying to hook up with a Kate Upton look alike. Yet, she picked Rich?

He used to borrow gas money from me. Must not want his child as much as he says he does because he doesn't even try to get an apt. If I was in the same boat, I would do anything to have more time with my kiddos. This is Lisa's choice? This is what she is looking for while she is in the midst of getting divorced? Really?

I let my failed attempt to be with her effect me these past couple of years? Well, I'm glad I heard about it. I pretty much stopped dating since that time. Maybe I'm not as much of a loser as I thought I was?

I still gotta shake my head and chuckle. I learned a lot this weekend. Glad I heard about this because I feel something has opened up again in me. Maybe I'm not as bad as I let myself to think. I know if any woman ever says they want a person that can take care of them, make them laugh, communicate, etc, etc, etc. This may be true but I no longer feel this is 100% true.

I do have myself to blame too. I let myself go physically. I used to work out 3 times a week. Used to weigh 155. Now I going 40 lbs so yeah, I still blame myself for most of my dating issues. I was focused on other things. Tried to focus on working on my inner self and my financial accomplishments. Maybe I should try going back to working out and get back into my weight.

We shall see. Lots to think about on this.