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2015-08-02 23:22:56 (UTC)

People don't born to be judged

Rio de Janeiro, Sunday, August 02, 2015

Olá, today i think i'll write a bit more than i should. But i really need to say a few things. I hope you understand because sometimes when i'm stressed i write things that make no sense. Then excuse anything, my English is not the best.

Well, i dont know if already commented here, but i'm a big fan of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran. Both already smoked, drank and used drug.

Today i went to my aunt's house and in the lunch they touched on the subject "Justin Bieber". At first it was kind of funny, but then things were becoming increasingly strained.

I'm not blind. I don't close my eyes to the mistakes that Justin committed. But one thing that pisses me off is when people insist on playing in my face all his mistakes, even though he redeemed himself, he apologized.

My idol is not holy, i'm not put him on an altar and worship it. I know that he did drugs, i know what he did wrong things, i know he was arrested, i know he came out with prostitutes. But what can i do? I can't go back in time and prevent. And another, hanging out with prostitutes is not wrong. Just is not normal. Anyway, everyone is like "he used drugs," "he is a bad example" "he is monster" "he spat on fans" "he doesn't know you exist"

First: Yeah
Second: No
Third: What?
Fourth: Really? It's serious?
Fifth: You discovered it yourself or you went to college?

My dad said things like "he used drugs because it has weak mind" actually people like Justin use drugs for two reasons
1 - for fun
2 - to escape reality

On the second option: Someone, being famous or not, goes to the drug because is with serious psychological problems or not psychological problems. Sometimes people don't know how to solve problems and feel desperate. Without finding a better solution, this person goes to the way of drugs. It's a horrible way but it's the only one they found.
Depending on the drug you use you travel. You really run away from reality.

Justin had (or still have i don't know) depression. He expressed it through pictures and music. If you listen to the album "journals" you'll find some songs that really show how he was sad. In some meet & great, he didn't smile and we just kidding (without knowing the severity of the problem) said he was paçoca face in photos.

In 2012 he gave an interview to Oprah, he say that even surrounded by people, he feel alone and in the interview he appeared to be very sad.

In 2013, Justin was emaciated and in an interview the man asked "what you eat when to be sad?" and he replied "i don't eat when i'm sad" and he was very thin.

I could see the bones in his back. Many people think this and other things. He once said "there were times when i didn't care for anything more."

Before he decided to vent with us, i didn't understand why he uses drugs. After he said he had depression, everything started to become clear in my head.

And people still say "what will solve use drugs? will not solve anything." I know it will not, but they don't understand it. Because for them it's a therapy, it's a painkiller.
I'm not supporting the drugs, i'm totally against. But you can't judge a person, that you don't know. You don't like to be judged. So why do you judge people?

Say to a person who has depression, that if she stay in the bed will not solve anything, it's the same thing as going to a hospital, see a person who is in a coma and talk to family "why you don't turn off the devices? he will not wake up."

It's difficult but sometimes you have to try to understand people before judging them. You don't know how hard is this, so don't do this. People commit suicide because they don't find more reasons to live. And if instead of judging them, call them crazy, we give reasons to go on living?

You know why i'm still here? The reason is this guy there who was arrested, spat on fans, used drugs, came out with prostitutes, threw eggs at the neighbor's house, fight with paparazzi. Is this guy who became depressed and suffered in silence so as not to worry the fans. I found the strength in him to continue it. When i was falling he held me, when i thought it was a useless, i listened to his songs where he said beautiful things that made me think twice.

I have a debt with this guy. And while the world is against him i'll be against the world.

- Brooke

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