Brooke the goat

can you not
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2015-08-02 03:30:49 (UTC)


Rio de Janeiro, Sunday, August 02, 2015

Yay! Remember when i said i only saw my aunt sometimes because she lives far away? Well, this morning, i'm going to her house. I think that's the last thing i'll do before returning to school. Oh, school. How i hate this place.

I don't know with what face i'll get there. how, all the class of the boy should know that we went to the movies together. And must think something rolled between us or something is going on between us.

Today i was watching the movie "The Longest Ride" and one thing caught my attention. Character, Sophia wanted to go to New York, just like me. And she didn't want to get involved with Luke because two months before she went to New York and she didn't want distractions. Like me. But unlike me she likes Luke.

I don't like him and i feel like he likes me. Wait ... i have to stop calling him boy. I need different name. Can be, Luke, like the boy in the film. OK, from now on his name is Luke. Even though that is not his real name. But it's always good to remain anonymous.

Talking about it, he called me to the phone. But today at 6:00 am i need you awake. And it's already 1:20 a.m.. I need to sleep. It will be difficult since i'm not sleepy.

good night dear

- Brooke

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