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me and my life
2015-08-01 16:21:31 (UTC)

Chnage in life!!

Change in life is really very much imp.
Change in place, work, dress, food everything.
I choose dis topic today because my routine, not life but yeah routine is gona change from Monday. Monday!!! Yeah coz ill be going to office... yaa its nice thing that ill be productive but there is always a hitch of emptiness. i donno for what but, every time. May b because I'm afraid of uncertainty, band thing donno or may be i expect something else in life and even I don't know. I am very much restless , I just cannot decide upon one thing theat yeah this is what I want, ya I did it once...I figured out that I want to become an actress and acting is what makes me content, I did try but dint fall in rite way.. hmmm Lets see how this new beginning goes on. Ill try my best to make it good. but life should also corporate with me yaaa..
I am also thinking to start brushing my German language, I am good at it, things dint went as i wanted in that terms so ill start brushing by reading books and all i shoud have done it before but i am stupid gal. and what else ya gym! I thot ill just try if i could join gym just to be in shape and fit i mean my body shud allow me for that.

I still wonder how good if things would fallen how i wished for , i even tried hard in that. Well i donno whom to blame myself, my life or my destiny. I am really good at acting :( iam feeling emo now :( :( If i still get fair chance than ill leave evrythg and would go and act and feel that contentment in life that i did what i wanted. phew..