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2015-08-01 01:48:24 (UTC)

After midnight - after "party"

Rio de Janeiro, Friday, July 31, 2015

Well, i went to sleep 4 am, then when it was about 12:00 pm my mother struggled to wake me up. She was super affectionate and tried to wake me up with kisses and hugs. This attempt failed. But then i woke up. It was all very strange, my father had gone to work and had not yet called to my phone, my mother was acting weird. Returning a little part of the story, wheniI was finishing writing here this morning my friends sent me message happy birthday.

Continuing, my mother took me to the mall to buy the father's day present. Which was very strange, like, on my birthday the person takes me shopping to buy a gift to the father's day. But okay, fine. When i came home my father had already arrived and had a little cake on the table in the center of the room. Dad forgot to buy candles and placed matchstick on the cake. I laughed very much.

Night fell, i won my presents, another cake and a giant pizza. yeah, it was fun. My aunt was the funniest of the party. was not a party like "omg what a great party. neighbors even called the police." no, no way. It was a well family party. Dood now are almost midnight and i was talking to the boy i already commented here several times. I told him that my family sang "Who will it be, who will it be, that will brooke take down the aisle?"

And i told him that my family spoke his name. And the conversation went on and on, and he said "would not be so bad to be your boyfriend. Do you accept?" i died. To break the ice i said "you are very funny" and he answered "funny boys have a 70% chance of having the full confidence of the girls" and i died again.

I just hope it's not serious, because if it's serious, i'll be in deep shit. I don't feel it for him. I can't accept that and just say "oh yes, i accept. I love you baby." for the simple reason that i dont love him. I can't pretend. I hope that if i deny it don't be mad at me. Because he's a good friend. I like to talk with him.

Wouldn't like let him in the friend zone. Love, sometimes it's a good feeling. But sometimes it spoils relations as a friendship. Oh God, what do i do?

- Brooke

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