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2015-07-31 12:14:13 (UTC)

July Music List

July 31, 2015 Friday 12:55 PM

We returned the kitty to its owner. I'm sad, I quite liked her. Sighghghgh.

Anyway, so here's a list o' songs because writing actual sentences is overrated.

(sorry. This is one of those entries that only I care about haha)


[this month, I'm mostly listening to indie rock. Especially into the angsty stuff. There's a couple folk-ish songs here and there and an out-of-place Childish Gambino song haha... what genre is Pink Floyd?]

****Ocean of Noise by Arcade Fire****

***Walking The Cow by Daniel Johnston***

Neon Bible (full album) by Arcade Fire

Reflektor (full album) by Arcade Fire

**Welcome To The Machine by Pink Floyd (GOOD SONG!!!)

****Motorway to Roswell by Pixies (I like this a lot)

**Action/Adventure by Andrew Bird**

Let Down by Radiohead

Little Black Star by Hurray For The Riff Raff

Foreground by Grizzly Bear

Ocean of Noise by Calexico (cover of my favorite Arcade Fire song)

Willful Suspension of Disbelief by Modest Mouse

The Suburbs (full album) by Arcade Fire

Funeral (full album) by Arcade Fire

In Ear Park by Department of Eagles

*White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf

****The Breeze by Dr. Dog

A Reminder by Radiohead

Pyramid by Jason Webley (folky?)

I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead

Here It Comes by Modest Mouse

In Our Talons by Bowerbirds

Playing Possum For A Peek by Natalie Evans (cover of Owen)

Bad News by Owen

The Undoing by Interpol

I Love You, Honeybear (full album) by Father John Misty

Story of an Artist by Daniel Johnston

Diamond and a Tether by Death Cab For Cutie

Silent Movies by Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear

Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse

This Isn't Our Parade by Santigold

Aberdeen by Cage The Elephant

Bed Abuse by Owen

Too Little, Too Late by Department of Eagles (cover of that early 2000s song by JoJo)

Speaking In Rounds by Grizzly Bear

The Suburbs by Father John Misty (cover of Arcade Fire)

Air Ballon by Apidae ft. Natalie Evans

Houses by Natalie Evans (I can never get enough of her idk)

40 Mark Strasse by The Shins

Little Bear by Grizzly Bear

Sweatpants by Childish Gambino ft. Problem

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

I Was Once a Loyal Lover by Death Cab For Cutie


In short, this month consists of a lot of Arcade Fire. Also some Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Grizzly Bear, and Modest Mouse. Nice.

I'm kind of scared sometimes. I think about how Elise wrote and how long it'll be until it disappears. I dunno, that doesn't seem right. I thought about her a lot yesterday and it didn't hurt me as much which is nice because last week it was really sucky.

I find myself talking to someone in my head for long periods of time before I can sleep. Also, while I'm doing something normal, like staring at the ceiling (that's normal, right??) or cleaning. It's a pleasant one-sided conversation but I kind of hate it because I'm ALREADY idealistic and I don't need my head pretending this person will fix everything.

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