Brooke the goat

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2015-07-31 01:37:25 (UTC)

Before midnight - before my birthday

Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, July 30, 2015

30 for to midnight

Today was one of those very boring day. I went to the doctor to make an assessment to begin treating my scoliosis. I'll start treatment on Tuesday. Alright, exactly one year ago i found out i had scoliosis. Today i was in the the doctor and he told my mother that these type of scoliosis i have is one of the most serious. Nothing better than to hear a thing like this one day before his birthday is not it? I looked at my mother and saw the same sad look and the same tears that she didn't want to spill a year ago. It was like i went back in time. This is horrible, worst feeling.

20 minutes to midnight

My mother was strange today, she told me she quit her job and now she'll can stay more time with me. She said she would have no more excuses to not go to the movies with me. She looked ... happy. Yeah, she seemed happy to get out employment, it was as if she wanted to do this for years, it was as if she felt free. This is completely strange but okay. Today she was smiling, singing, talking to me and laughed with me. We walked hand in hand like we're best friends. This is incredible and unbelievable. Then she thanked God for having achieved a treatment for me and then she felt sad for not being able to buy a cake to sing "happy birthday to you" on my birthday.

10 minutes to midnight

I think they don't know, but i found this one in the wardrobe of my parents. I don't know what is. And today i saw a chocolate cake in the refrigerator. Was well hidden, i feel like i'm of the FBI

0 minutes to midnight

We can already turn out the lights and light the candles. We can already start singing "happy birthday to you" yeah, sweet sixteen, bring me a bottle of happiness and a bucket of dreams fulfilled.

- Brooke 16 years