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me and my life
2015-07-30 15:04:02 (UTC)

so far all good

Yeah.. I got the jon in an EIXM co IG international at navi mumbai.. eerrgg again there. but still its unclear, means i am been told that i am shortlisted i got the mail for joining from Monday but, no offer letter yet and i am really scared abt the joining and scared abt what if somthing goes wrong an i feel like i am stuck up?? (")

So, so far its all good but lets see what happens next.
so i am not excited or happy about anything actually and genuinely. i dont feel it from inside.. All i am like yeh ok i got job now what am i suppose to do shopping??? hell yeah...
I wanna buy trousers, shirts and some small things lets see.
I think i shud wait and see how it goes den buy stuff rather than shopping now ending up wasting money.

ok. i wish all goes well fingers crossed. and i hope my sis also gets job soon. wen she calls she has so much negativity pas on me. she cribs more than me. really.. still i love her she is vry nice gal.

I really hope all goes well n some magic happen and i end up geting so surprised that wow dis happend in my life like omg... :p