A lady in the crowd
2015-07-30 05:09:32 (UTC)

Something Happened!

I was reading "Paper Towns" a book that's literally impossible to put down once you begin. At the moment I escaped from Calexico and I found myself in a far away place in Florida alongside Margo Roth Spiegelman. I was about to turn to the 200th page when the phone rung.

The least person I expected to receive a phone call from greeted me with a husky "Hello."
It's my dad and he told me that he finally got my handwritten letter. Along with the letter was a picture of me, and a report card that would make any father proud. His voice sounded cheerful as he congratulated me for my dedication in school academics. He made a financial proposal and asked whether I would like him to deposit money into my bank account on a monthly bases. I instantly agreed and said that it would be a great help for the future years to come.

I'm traveling to San Felipe next week to visit my family. Years flew by at the sped of light and I barely noticed that the last time I've seen granny was when I was 11. Dad mentioned that he's also living in San Felipe, so he invited me to have lunch with him. Once again I agreed. We talked for about another half an hour, then we said our farewells. He promised to call again soon.

Something changed. Something happened, something happened. Something. Happened. I tried my best to explain to myself why a man whose been a stranger for so long would show the slightest interest in me. Over the years he either forgot to call me on my birthday, or he didn't give a fuck whatsoever. This happened year after year until I learned to accept his total absence. I acted in denial and pretended as if I never knew why he left. I pretended daddy tragically died in a car accident. That's a pretty logical reason why he wouldn't stick around through the years. Beneath my comforting lies I knew. The cold truth is that he never loved mom, and he even tried to persuade her to have an abortion. When she refused he was furious and scurried away to Nayarit. Leaving my mother alone to raise an unwanted child. It's all fine now. He didn't get his wish and now I'm grateful for my existence. There was nothing left to miss from my father because he was never there. It was as if he died and seized to exist in my life. That is until today when he revived from his tomb.

~Yours Truly,