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2015-07-29 17:11:00 (UTC)

July 2015

Old Friends
Met Marty Suaza at the park on July 4th. Haven't seen him since Li'l bit left. He's doing well.
Met Ronnie at the restaurant where he works later in the day. I spent the day with Beth doing all this.
Later in the month Bobby came by with a new woman, Gail. Days later Gail got rehab and Bobby got her truck.
One time this month my friend Eric got a ride with Crazy Lisa home from the bar, and I let her take me home too.
Texted with Sue for a bit. We promised each other we'd get together this coming month. We probably won't.

Watched the parade downtown. It was water-themed, being a prelude to a raft race, and a few of the women wore thongs. I was okay with that.

Started watching some brand new shows. 'Humans', 'Dark Matter', and 'Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrel.' First two are on BBC America, and I forget the 'Strange' one. All just so-so shows.

New Toys
Bought a Kindle Voyage this month. I like it. It's a whole library in your back pocket. A bit costly. Not just the acquisition, but the books themselves. Every book is free, except the ones you want.
Also got a portable charger for my phone. So now I have plug-in chargers for home, car, and work, and also one I can carry in my pocket for dining out, or drinking, or whatever.

Made History
Got a plat out, or rather, ordered for mylar. Mylar is a kind of writing paper that lasts forever. It goes into the public record. For use in buying and selling land. (It's a parcel map.) So a hundred years from now, my map will still be used. So I'm a part of history now. Sort of.

The city utility people came by and trimmed the mango tree. That's a huge deal. It's like three stories tall. They just trimmed the alley side. Their side. But they did a great job. For free.

Dad seems to be doing great. He's still staying busy for now. Moved out of the house and into the trailer in a trailer park. It's beautiful. Clean, well tended, open, nice.

Slowly climbing out of debt. Paid 16% of it off this month. I hate the carrying charges. The interest. That's the reason to pay it off. Then I'll save up the interest savings until I have enough for a down payment on some other debt.

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