A lady in the crowd
2015-07-29 04:08:28 (UTC)

Talks Above the Haystacks.

It was a late afternoon and I had go to the track field to catch up with my homosexual friend, Jesse. The moment I opened my door and stepped foot outside I wanted to return back to my air conditioned paradise. The gleaming California sun burned my skin. This heat can all rot in hell! It felt like someone released Satan out of his cage.

I spotted Jesse waiting for me near the bleachers. Above the bleachers he was covered by a small but protective shade. I smiled at him then we ran towards each other and I jumped into his sweaty arms. We hugged for what felt like an eternity. Then we began our four mile run towards the border of the American canal.

After we finished our run we decided to climb above a tall aisle of haystacks. The rough mountains of hays left scratches on my arms, and small amounts of blood oozed out of the open wounds on my knees. I ignored the pain and our conversation soon changed from ranting on about our pathetic 'love' lives to a touchy subject about sexuality. Jesse anticipates to turn eighteen. At last he won't have to endure the disapproval from his parents. Jesse will no longer have to hide from his gay self. Then if life is kind enough, he'll reunite with his high school sweet heart, Gilbert. Yet love is a tricky emotion. Love is a trickster that respects no rules and if you love the wrong person, the cupid shooting the arrow could knock you out dead.

Gibert originates from a dysfunctional family and also has a drug addiction that runs within his family. His free will of hanging around the wrong crew lead him to a destined road of drugs. I wish Jesse would see that a drug addict only has compassionate love for their themselves. All of what was once a noble young man is now gone and replaced by a no good son of a bitch. It hurts me to see my friend hurt over Gilbert. Jesse deserves someone much better. Then again love is not only a fatal attraction but it is also blind ;and it gives him faith that Gilbert will someday be clean.

~Yours Truly,