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2015-07-28 13:52:47 (UTC)

Fucked up day

Yeah Fucked up day and Fucked up life. I am totally screwed up really. That bloody HR called me for last final interview and discussion and all he has to fucking say that We will offer you 20000 in hand salary fuck u bloody when you bloody had no budget then why the hell did you call me 3 times for interview?? fucking why?? Bloody ass hole big asshole.
Bloody hell do you know i spent around 210 rs to travel to your fucking office. I don't understand why the hell did they call me. I was so hot head that time it was like the morsel was just about to enter in mouth and fell down. I thought now ever ting will be fine and ill start working from next month. shiii... I am so angry. Every thing just shattered. so damn disappointed and thats not new all I get evry time is disappointment:( Even another co refused me coz they find me more in to BD ans sale than in Marketing sosuckers i did tell u i wanna do marketing can u not give scope to ppl to learn fuckers you were also freshers and learners at some point of time. errgggg so hopless i am feeling rite now.

I have began to search job again. It will be fourth month started that i am jobless. I am so tensed. I am so fucking bored of sitting at ome in one bedroom for whole fucking day. nothing is exciting man... nothing... life is just getting waste my all efforts are going vain. :( i feel small and helpless. :(
I know i am late bloomer lets see what falls in my hand. god don't pls don't break my trust on u, don't let it even lessen .