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2015-07-26 22:38:25 (UTC)

Friend going through tough times

Well, my friend is having issues with her husband. He was one of those bad boy types and he is doing exactly what he is. Anyway, I'm there for her. She was there when I went through my crap. Nothing I could ever do to repay her when I was going thru all that crap.

I remember when my ex first did her thing, I was sooooo depressed. I would just sit on the sofa all weekend long at home. She and her friend would come get me and we'd go to garage sales. Just something to get me out and moving. Things like that helped.

Now that I'm a survivor of all this, I guess I'm the man to ask for help. I've been through it enough times so I guess I'm full of knowledge when it comes to surviving a broken relationship.

I just call her everyday to make sure she is doing ok. I know she isn't but I just try to fill in the void of being alone. Movies, happy hours, etc. I try to tell her things that will help. Maybe some words of wisdom but I don't feel that I deserve to tell her what to do. Who the fuck am I to give suggestions when I failed my marriage? So I just try to listen and even though I see what's coming, I don't say anything. Even though I see that he is fooling around on her, she is still hoping he isn't fooling around. I see it. It's obvious to me but I will let it go and let her see it when she is good and ready to face it.

My main focus is try to help her not feel the anxiety and to kill some time so that she isn't depressed and alone too much. Hopefully I did that a little today. We went to the river and it was pretty busy but also very peaceful and hopefully she was able to gather her thoughts and feel a little better. I didn't hover and I went kayak fishing too.

So I learned a little today. It was like checking my life gauge meter. I see how far I've progressed since my divorce. I learned a lot. I lost a lot. I'm stronger now. I'm more jaded too. I have a larger scale of what is considered bad to earn my consideration of being important enough to stress me out.

Now, I don't care about the Jones's home, car, etc. I don't care if I lose a house by foreclosure. Not being it the championship round in my Vegas dart tournament is no longer a big thing. Creative ideas at work to improve the process? Nah, I do a little extra but that fire is not glowing as hard it used to.

Still no texts from my ex. lol. I blocked her so she can't text. She can call but that isn't her way so I can say that the stress from the ex has been non-existent. This is good. If I went to the doctor, I'm sure this would be just what the doctor ordered. :)

Nothing major on my end to report. I do have a house inspection on Tuesday. I've been renting here for 2 years now. Time sure flew by. Didn't catch anything fishing again. It's cramping my style. Makes it not so much fun to fish anymore. Kayaking itself is still fun so that's good.

That's it for now Diary.

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