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me and my life
2015-07-26 16:33:09 (UTC)

Talking with sissy.

I love my mother and my sister the most on this planet than any one.
They both are my life line. I get empty feel when they both are sad or have any kind of trouble or problems. My mom has faced many problems all her life, my sister is also not on track after marriage she has some or other problem spcly related to money, job bothe goes hand in hand. her hubby is good but money matters are on rocky roads. Whenever I speak to her on phone she shares this with me warning me to look better guy for me to have good life. she is 30 now and she still has to be pregnant and make babies, get own house everythng is just taking time. some things take time. she is also kinda late bloomer like me. I just spoke to her and she was cribbing about unstable job, money matters and also being alone at home. I hope the day will arrive soon when she will be content or happy and get whatever she once wished for.she is very talented girl just never got good opportunity to prove and improve. we can just hope. I also get tensed for mom about her oldage i hope we both will manage to to look after her.

Abt sujju,
I guess he is still jobless, i donnno what is he upto and all. but, he seems vry fine and doing what he liked to do like wearing ear rings, mustache, beard ins short living like tapori. I donno what is in his mind about me. donno.. he is my life's biggest mistake. still I stalk him on FB :P curiosity u knw :P

Tomorrow's day will reveal about my job weather all clear or like always some fucking problem . sometimes i feel like laughing out loudly at my life and destiny. phewww...