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2015-07-25 16:36:53 (UTC)

yet another and yet one another intrew day

Yest i had second round of interview, n u knw what dat man ceo roasted me for exactly for an hour. Pathetic pathetic he asked me so stupid questions damn as if i am der for some kinda ceo md position fucking stupid. Still he dint shortlisted me n preferred to keep it in suspense.
Today i interviewd for marketing manager position and it went ok ok. I was interviewd by a gal n i tell u gals r super rude and cranky while interviewing also was der one man he was quit and busy watching me lol.

Shambhu is back home and i n mom visited her with whole dinner. We had chat n back home.
Monday i am.called to have final discussion abt sal n joing and all in media co. I hope i get shortlist for marketing manager post it will be more happening for me than client servicing.
Lets hope for best.
Cyaa tc