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2015-07-23 20:16:19 (UTC)

I'm so full of negative vibes

I don't know why. Usually,I just have to deal with the crap that has been laid on me. Just coping with the things I get dealt. This is fine and more than fair. I can work with this and have done so for all these years.

But now, I've finally cut of the ex. Blocked her texts so I don't have to deal with the psycho drama. I should be good right? I dunno. For some reason, I've been getting myself in some crappy situations. What the hell is going on? Trying to move on. Just wanting some peace and quiet. No drama. Not even looking for the "love of my life" crap. Just wanting some peace. Just wanting to go out on my kayak, do some fishing, sipping some wine or having a beer. Not wanting any trouble nor wanting to cause any.

Yet, I can't seem to find my peace. My hands are up in the air. Don't know what is going on. I shut my mouth up as much as I can. Seems like this is still not my month. Fuck!!!!

Hope next month is better :(

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